About the recipes on this site


In early 2013, I discovered the benefits of the paleo lifestyle through a fantastic program known as the Whole30®. I’d initially planned on taking the challenge just because well, those who know me know that I do like me a good challenge from time to time, but truth is I felt so great and loved the program so much that I decided to stick with the lifestyle even after I was done.

As such, the vast majority of my recent recipes are in compliance with the principles of the Paleo lifestyle.


As I just said, I haven’t been Paleo all my life. In fact, a lot of the recipes found on this site have been developed and published prior to my Paleo days.

Since they represent a great chunk of my journey to a healthier me, and since I understand that not everyone adheres to the principles of the paleo lifestyle, I decided to leave them available for viewing even though they no longer reflect my vision of what is optimally healthy.

Plus, I still think that most of these recipes aren’t bad choices at all for those who aren’t ready to take the full paleo plunge, or for those Paleo folks who are in need of a little occasional treat.


This site is dedicated to inspire and help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and, more precisely, help you put healthy food in your body. Yet, you will find quite a few recipes for sweets and treats on here.

Let me be extremely clear on that subject. By publishing such recipes, I am in no way suggesting that treats should be included to your regular diet as part of a healthy lifestyle, but let’s face it, it is human nature to seek pleasure in food and I don’t see this as an evil thing, so long as it remains occasional. We’re all bound to get cravings for something sweet or feel the need for a little tasty treat from time to time. Holidays, anniversaries and birthdays, family gatherings: so many social occasions that often lead us to want to let loose and indulge a little bit.

I say that when such opportunities arise, there’s no need to run and hide under a rock until it passes. Just go with it and indulge, enjoy the treat. Only do your darn best to keep it healthy!

Plus, hey! I’m a certified baker, you know. When the itch to bake that cake hits me, there’s simply no controlling it!


Although I don’t count calories myself and although the paleo lifestyle doesn’t encourage the practice, I understand that not everyone who reads this site is strict paleo and that it’s very important for some of you to keep track of the calories and / or nutrients they ingest throughout the day.

I can very well understand for I used to be exactly like that and, to this day, still feel the need to get *some* sort of a general idea of what goes into my body.

As such, I chose to keep on publishing the nutritional information for the majority of the recipes that I post on this site.

Note that this nutritional information is calculated using the built-in recipe analyzer found on caloriecount.com and is provided as an approximate guideline, although I always do my best to keep this information as accurate as possible.


I try to always use the best quality ingredients that I can get my hands on when I cook. For instance, my meat comes from a sustainably operated farm where animals are treated with utmost respect and aren’t being feed any kinds of chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones. In other words, I use nothing but pastured pork, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken and eggs. Also, I always make sure that my fish comes from fisheries with sustainable practices and I buy organic / local produce whenever possible.

Some of these ingredients aren’t so easy to come across here in Québec, Canada, but I always do my best to get the best food I can possibly get.

Even though I sometimes forget or don’t feel the need to specify the origin of my ingredients in my recipes, i.e.  grass-fed, free-range, organic, pastured, etc. I always recommend that you use these products, or at least use the best quality products that you can afford or get your hands on.


  1. theresa says

    I absolutely love your website and your recipes, your photos, your explanations…everything! Congratulations on your more than 100,000 likes on Facebook! You deserve that and so much more. I´m a Canadian living in barcelona and I love to cook and cook healthily. Thanks so much for making my cooking inspiring and enjoyable! best, Theresa Zanatta