Deep Ruby Beet Smoothie

This is a smoothie that is unarguably healthy.

You see, when I came up with this one, I was in the mood for something that just SCREAMED healthy right at my face, so I grabbed a whole bunch of fruits and veggies from the fridge and just PACKED them real tight into my Magic Bullet.

Did I say PACK? I mean PACK!

Just take a look at this…

I had a really hard time getting everything to fit, but I miraculously did it though, without spilling it all over the place. Or, well, almost not. I had close to almost no spillage. πŸ˜‰

Don’t ask why I was so stubborn and didn’t switch to the bigger, better, more power food processor. I guess in my mind, a single serving smoothie HAS to be made in the very convenient small sized Magic Bullet. That’s just the way it goes.

And I also HAD to pack ALL of what I had decided was going to go into that smoothie. I couldn’t leave ANYTHING out. Not one single ingredient.

Did I ever tell you I was weird like that sometimes? πŸ˜‰

So anyway, that smoothie might look a little bit strange, but it was surprisingly good, trust me. Good enough for me to repeat the experience twice after the initial test. And yes, all three times I struggled to cram everything into my teeny weeny little Magic Bullet.

MAYBE next time I make it, because there will be a next time, I’ll upgrade to my real food processor… make my life easier for a change!

Oh, and just in case you are wondering… It does taste just as healthy as it looks. πŸ˜€

But yummy healthy!

(Serves 1)

  • Β½ ripe banana
  • 10 baby cut carrots
  • 1 small raw beet, peel on, grated
  • 1 cup baby spinach leaves
  • ΒΌ cup 1% fat cottage cheese
  • ΒΌ cup egg whites
  • Β½ cup soy milk
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed meal
  • 1 tbsp raw sunflower seeds
  • Β½ tsp cinnamon


  1. Add all ingredients to your food processor (you might need something bigger than a magic bullet for this one, unless you want to really struggle, like I did!) and process until smooth.
  2. Transfer to drinking glass and enjoy!

See? It fits!

Look how thick!




  1. says

    WOW! You did pack the veggies in there! It looks great! Do you like your magic bullet? Does it handle frozen foods as well?

    • says

      I couldn’t live without my [daughter’s] Magic Bullet. I find it handles pretty much everything I throw at it, frozen or fresh, soft or solid. I use it for smoothies a lot, but I also use it to grind grains and seeds, to make dressings and sauces and even pancakes.

      To think that I told my daughter when she brought it home that it was only going to use up valuable space. I apologize to her on a regular basis for having said that, as I use her bullet almost every day now. I had to promise that I would replace it if I ever wore it out… πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    Beautiful!!!!!! Love your creativity with hour smoothes lately!!! I’ve been adding spinach and carrots to smoothies for awhile but haven’t tried beets :) what an incredible and rich color it yields! Sign me up, after a weekend in Vegas I’m in serious need of this smoothie!

    • says

      Hehe! Thanks Nora. You see, I bought this huge bag of beets and needed to find some creative ways to use them up. I’m really glad I thought of that one. It does have a superb color, and if you like the taste of beets, you’re going to love that smoothie. Can’t wait to hear your impressions! :)

  3. Donna says

    Gorgeous colour…Perfect for a Halloween “Boo-fast”!!!…Did you use cooked or raw beet?…This looks healthy and yummy simultaneously!!!..Kudos for another original tantalizing smoothie…

      • Jacqueline says

        Hello, I am not a fan of beets but will add them to certain smoothies – cannot wait to try this recipe. By the way, I have a small white Magic Bullet and use it every day. It fits my needs perfectly. I purchase the small beets from the local farmers market and cut them up before adding it to the Magic Bullet. No issues even when adding some of the beet greens (stems and all). Stay healthy everyone!

  4. says

    I love my magic bullet and have jammed it to the rim more times than I can remember! So much so that after you blend and then unscrew the top it belches slightly and oozes whatever I’m making in it. So when I read your post I laughed out loud! This smoothie looks delicious! When I’m at home in SC I make a lot of smoothies in my vitamix but while we’re here in CT I don’t have it or even my magic bullet and I am sadly smoothieless! All your yummy smoothie posts are making me homesick! But I’m determined to try some of these when I get back in a few weeks so thanks as always for the inspiration!

    • says

      Oh, Mellissa, you have a vitamix? How I wish I could afford one (both in terms of price and counter space!) Do you find that it does a much better job with smoothies, or is your magic bullet satisfactory? The only times where I find my Magic Bullet is not the right tool for the job is when I add ice to my smoothies, especially in the summer time. I find I end up with more of a “slushie” texture than a smooth and creamy milkshake.

      But tell me… do you think the vitamix is worth the investment and the counter space sacrifice?

      Oh, and fyi, I have a few more recipes coming up. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

  5. says

    Hi Sonia – I didn’t grow up eating beets (have no idea why, they’re so delicious) but now I just LOVE them so I must try out this smoothie for my husband and I!

    About the blender…we bought a Blendtec a few years ago for our green smoothies and I highly recommend it (or a Vitamix). If we’re away from home and need to make a green smoothie with another blender, it just doesn’t compare. I use it everyday and besides smoothies, I use it for many other things like making nut butters, sorbets or soup (it actually can make HOT soup because it’s so powerful). It may cost a lot but honestly, it was one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

    • says

      Oh maaaan… suddenly, I feel like my teeny weeny magic bullet is so inadequate. Just this morning, I was trying to make a smoothie with frozen cherries and I made a huge mess, because it was way too much for the poor thing to handle. Guess I better start savin’ up!

  6. says

    Oh Vitamix, how I love thee! Seriously, it’s the single best thing I ever purchased for my kitchen—and I have a LOT of kitchen toys!! I saved money by getting a factory reconditioned model that is guaranteed and I have a 10 year warranty on it so I had peace of mind about not getting a “new” one and it was around $100 less. It’s about 3 years old and I use it almost daily when I’m at home! My favorite smoothies have greens in them–especially kale and collards which I can grow year round down in SC where I live. The vitamix makes it so smooth you can’t believe it. I also use it to make soups, sauces, salsas, nut butter, homemade flour, sorbet with frozen fruit, the list goes on and on! So YES it’s worth every penny and you will never look back! Plus since you are earning revenue on the blog you should be able to use it as a tax deduction. So start saving up girl, you won’t be sorry! When you do get one I can’t wait to hear about it–it will change your life in the kitchen! (man they should totally be paying me for this! ha ha! :) )

  7. says

    That color is just totally and utterly amazing. When I first saw that first photo I thought (you know just for a minute) that this is how you ate it and I was thinking; how on earth did she manage to stuff that without spilling anything??
    lol… But I love the finished product. I don’t have a magic bullet so I guess I’ll be ok in my regular big blender..:)

  8. Joann says

    Wow! I can’t believe how much I like this!! I was really to give it a try because I do like beets in salads and well because you invented it….I haven’t been let down by any of your creations yet. But I really just thought it would be okay. It is really good!! The cinnamon flavor really comes through too even with that little amount. I may try adding some ginger to it next time I make it.

    As for the blender conversation that is going on…I really don’t have the need for a vitamix or blendtec although I’m sure they are fabulous. Anyone looking for a good low cost blender to tide them over until they can spring for the vitamix, I have the Ninja. I have one of the older models that came with two pitchers and a smaller food processor bowl. For this smoothie I just cut the beet into a few pieces instead of grating it. I have pureed soups in it and used it for other chopping/food processing tasks. They have newer models that also have the dough attachment and some other features. I always thought it was a gimmick but I bought it when I saw it at Costco because I knew if it didn’t work I could take it back. But after I bought it, I put my Cuisinart blender and food processor up on the highest shelf in my cupboard because I never use them anymore. It is by no means a Vitamix – but may be a short-term solution for someone who can’t get the vitamix right away or an alternative for someone who just can’t spend that amount on a kitchen gadget.

    • says

      Aww, thanks Joann! You tried a recipe just because I invented it? How very flattering! :) Real glad you liked it! (or should I say relieved?) Thanks for your super nice review! Now you got me wanting one…

      As for the blender thing, I finally decided to stick with what I have. You see, my mom has a Thermomix, which, from what I understand, is fairly similar to Vitamix and the likes. I borrowed it from her just to give it a try… She would’ve totally given it to me since she is not really using it, but I ended up not liking it at all, so I gave it back to her! I prefer to use my magic bullet or regular Kitchenaid blender after all. So far, I see no reason to go with anything more powerful.

  9. Diana says

    I have a power chopper to chop up spinach and beets and a Ninja to chop up ice. I bought a Magic Bullet online and awaiting for it’s arrival! Smoothies are the best with beets. Can’t wait until my Magic Bullet get’s here! Love them. Diana Ross from Fort Myers, Florida

  10. says

    Looking around online for a beet smoothie recipe and founds yours. Thanks! I don’t think I’ve ever tried to grate a beet. Maybe I could try the grinder blade first and then switch to the cross blade? I’m a newbie since my son just gave me the Magic Bullet as a gift. I am enjoying the experiments and the great healthful benefits. Thanks for the recipe idea.


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