Little Energy Bombs

I haven’t invented anything here… These things are all over the Internet.

Having seen them so often and in so many different colors and flavors, I decided I had to give them a try. I mean, they are soooo cute and they look so good!

So I just took a shot at it. I didn’t follow any particular recipe, I just went ahead and sort of created my own version.

Now I’ve only got one thing to say about these.

OMG! They are just as good as they look.

Now I’ve got a new addiction, as if I needed one. This has just opened an entire new world of possibilities for me… now I want to take this beyond the ball shaped bite, I want to create all sorts of goodies, and I already have a few things in mind.

Most recipes that I’ve come across were, from what I read, more on the soft side and had to be kept in the freezer in order to hold their shape.

I didn’t care much for that aspect of the bites. I wanted my balls to be their own man (hmmm, that doesn’t sound good, now, does it?) and hold their shape without any help. I thus created a dryer version, one that has to be squeezed really, really hard to form a ball, but once made into that ball, it just stays nice and put. No need to keep them in the fridge, or in the freezer.

I’ve had mine in the cupboard for a week now and they (well, it, as there’s only one left…) are is still as good and as round as it was on the first day.

I get the feeling that it won’t make it through the day…

Poor fellow, gotta have pity on him… he must be so lonely, all alone in that large plastic container.

Right… all alone, up there, in that… plastic… container…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I, erm… have to go check on him! 😉

Little Energy Bombs

Yield: Yields 30 balls

Little Energy Bombs



  1. Start by processing the almonds, on pulse, until they become very finely crushed.
  2. Add the dates and process until well blended with the almonds, about 1 minute.
  3. Add the protein powder and flaxseed meal and process until well incorporated
  4. Add hazelnut butter and process again, until well incorporated. At this point, the mixture should want to hold together when you squeeze it in the palm of your hand. If it doesn't seem to want to stick, add more hazelnut butter, or coconut oil, one teaspoon at a time, until it does. Don't add too much though. The mixture should have a little bit of a dry feel to it and should have to be squeezed somewhat hard to form a ball.
  5. Add pumpkin seeds, cranberries and shredded coconut and pulse a few times just to break them down a little and incorporate them to the "batter"
  6. Take the mixture, one tablespoon at a time and form into a ball by squeezing it in the palm of your hand. Place ball down on a plate or plastic container, not in your mouth!
  7. Repeat until you've used all the batter.
  8. Will keep for at least a week in an airtight container (that's if you can keep them that long!)

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  1. says

    It was meant to be. Having so many dried cranberries left I was wondering what to make with them and there you have these pretty little balls. Delicious!

  2. You know me... says

    You never cease to amaze me with your cooking and photography. Just went to one of Seattle’s best restaurants and left feeling like…really?

    This is what a $300 dollar meal for two will get you these days?

    I see these photos and I see tons of love, caring and devotion in a ball


    • says

      $300 for a single meal? How many of you were eating? Sheesh, that’s more than I spend on food in an entire month. 😉

      And just what, might I ask, did you eat that cost so much? Hope there was champagne, at least…

  3. says

    I love things like this 😀 I’ve really fallen out of the habit of always having some on hand which I need to fix right away. They are so perfect for little kids. Love the hazelnut butter in yours 😀

    • says

      And these are so sweet, they taste just like candy! Super dangerous! I don’t know how you can have those on hand all the time, I think I would develop a serious weight issue if I did! I just can’t resist them! 😉

  4. says

    Hello Sonia, fellow Canadian! Stumbled over your blog while looking for lentil recipes. Just made my own version of the Energy Bombs and posted the recipe at Pretty easy and an GREAT substitute for Clif Bars! I used vegan protein powder instead of whey powder and they turned out great. I would highly recommend soaking the dates before you attempt to process them though. I think I ruined my food processor trying to puree the dates! (smoke is probably not a good sign!!). Love the recipe though and your blog in general, I’ll be trying a lot more recipes from here.

    • says

      LOL Elena! I think you need a stronger food processor! 😉 But soaking the dates is a very good idea! Glad you liked the recipe, and glad you stumbled upon this place too! Stick around, there’s much more to come! Will go and check out your version of the energy bombs right this instant! :) Thanks for your great feedback and for letting me know you tried them! 😀 Oh, and Clif Bars are really so super crazy good btw, (I have to stay away from them… like ’em too much!) your saying that these are a great Clif Bar replacement is quite the compliment!

  5. Erin says

    Wow. I made these today and I must say, they were so easy to make and they taste great. I can’t wait to munch on these before/after my workouts and when I am on the go. Thanks for this excellent recipe. The only alteration I made was I included chia seeds!


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