Looks like we made it in one piece…

Well, here we are!! Looks like we landed just fine. Everybody OK back there? The ride wasn’t too bumpy? I truly hope no one got lost in the process!

So… the place looks familiar, doesn’t it? I haven’t even moved the furniture around. There has been one tiny little change, however…

You’ll notice that I have a shiny new name! :) And of course, a brand spanking new address to match it. Not to worry, though, I’ve had the mailman redirect my visitors, so you can still use the old one if you like.

I decided to change my name because I think that this one is a much better reflection of what this place is about, and therefore of what I am about. I hope you guys like it. 😀

As of tomorrow, it shall be business as usual.

Next step, I think this place needs a serious paint job, don’t you think? And so the search for a good professional painter begins. 😉


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    Welcome to your new home! I hope the other kinks get worked out soon. I’m looking to moving to a .com address that I’ve been reserving, but I’ve first been reading about switching from Blogger to WordPress. When I changed my url last year, I was sad to lose some followers, but I wanted my “name” to match in all of my networks, so the switch was necessary. Best wishes to you. :-)

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      Thanks Libby! I was a bit hesitant to change my identity seeing that my blog is still so young, but I figured it would be easier to do this now than further down the road… and I truly felt it had to be done. Best of luck with your migration to WordPress! Are you planning on moving soon?

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    Congratulations on your new home!

    I really think your new name reflects what your blog and your lifestyle really is all about, although Food Obssessed is such a cool name :)

    I’ll be expecting your delicious meals!!Lots of success!

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      Thank you Sheila! :)

      I too, found Food Obsessed to be a really cool name, but I also thought that it sort of suggested someone who has no control over food whatsoever, which is absolutely not my case. Also, obesssions aren’t really healthy; in fact, it’s a concept that can even be associated with mental illness. :s Not quite the image that I would like people to have of me! 😉

      The healthy foodie, on the other hand, really says what this place is all about!

      Thanks much for the good wishes. 😀

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