Preserved Lemons |

Make Your Own Preserved Lemons

Ever tried Preserved Lemons? If you haven’t, you must! Commonly used in India and North Africa, they’re a staple of Mediterranean cuisine. They also are an absolute key ingredient in many Moroccan dishes, such as tajine, to which they add a very distinctive and tangy flavor. The pureed pulp makes a fantastic addition to stews and sauces, […]

Fresh Coconut Macarons |

Fresh Coconut Macaroons

I’ll be honest with you, I barely even got to taste these lovely macaroons. I had half of one when I took the pictures and that was it. Not that I don’t like macaroons, far from there. In fact, I happen to LOVE them. But, let’s just say that they don’t sit all that well with my recent […]

Beanless Chili |

Beanless Chili

I love, love, love me a good bowl of super spicy and piping hot chili. In fact, chili would probably be the only reason why I sometimes miss legumes… because let’s face it, remove the beans from chili and what you’re left with is basically spaghetti sauce with a Mexican twist! So when the craving for chili recently […]

Simple Western Omelette |

Simple Western Omelette

Believe it or not, sometimes, I don’t really feel like cooking much… or eating “fancy” food, for that matter. I’d gladly open up a can of smoked herrings and eat ’em straight out of the can, with a side of raw broccoli and avocado, all smothered in Frank’s, of course. Right Jordan? Right! (Jordan likes to tease me because I seem to […]