Paleo Coconut Plantain Pancakes | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Plantain & Coconut Pancakes

Strange…  You see these, guys? They are called pancakes. PANCAKES! Delicious, moist, sweet, tasty, fluffy and crazy satisfying pancakes. The very kind of pancakes that I’ve been so badly craving for the entire duration of my recent Whole30. Yet, I find myself sitting here, staring at the screen, totally uninspired. Like I have absolutely nothing to say […]

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Smokey Bacon

I’ve officially crossed the line, people. That’s it. I’m totally committed to this paleo thing now… I HAD BACON! Not only this once, but another time after that also (wait ‘til you see THAT recipe!) But wait! That’s not all. I also finally found a source for happy meat and I’ve officially placed an order […]

Creamy Seafood Chowder | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Creamy Seafood Chowder

Remember how after making my Cream of Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup I said that I wanted to try my hand at making a lovely Seafood Chowder using the creamed cauliflower technique? Or was it after I’d made the Creamy Chicken and Vegetable  Soup that I said that? Either way… Doesn’t really matter when I said it, does […]

Coconut Magic Brownie Bars | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Coconut Magic Brownie Bars

OMG, guys. Are you as excited as I am? It’s been so long since I last posted a dessert recipe, I’d almost forgotten how very enthusiastic they make me feel! Or maybe it feels so special this time essentially BECAUSE it’s been so long? Or maybe I’m so excited because this recipe is so particularly awesome? I […]

Braised Pork Loin | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Deliciously Healthy Braised Un-Pulled Pork

Oh maaaaaaaaan! I just remembered something… I LOVE MEAT!! I mean, seriously. I love meat. The only reason why I ever made the conscious decision to cut down on my meat consumption was because I am in total disagreement with the execrable living conditions under which factory farm animals are being raised, as well as the way they are being fed […]