Salted Caramel Roasted Cashew Dark Chocolate Squares |

Salted Caramel Roasted Cashews Chocolate Squares

If you guys don’t mind, I’ll be very brief tonight. My daughter is here, the contractions have started a few hours ago, so it looks like we’ll be heading out to the hospital sometime soon.  As you can very well imagine, I’m a bundle of nerves and writing doesn’t come all that naturally… Besides, I don’t think […]

Quick and Easy Dairy Free Eggnog |

Quick and Easy Dairy Free Eggnog – Recipe out of Real Life Paleo

Like it or not, it’s already December, which means Christmas is just around the corner. Of course, the stores have already filled up their shelves and displays with all kinds of treats, munchies, candies and other sweet delights. There’s no avoiding it: everywhere you go, you get bombarded with countless temptations. Try as you might, it’s very hard not to succumb to all […]

Paleo Toasted Coconut Fudge |

Paleo Toasted Coconut Fudge

For years, I’d been toying with the idea of getting my hands on one of those beautiful machines that’s known as a Vitamix… But I always resisted the temptation, first and foremost because I wanted to keep my recipes accessible and thought that most people out there did not own a Vitamix and therefore wouldn’t […]

Apple and Honey Roasted Chicken |

Apple Honey Roasted Chicken

Looks like I’m getting a lot of inspiration from my daughter lately… remember my Classic Meatloaf? That one wouldn’t have come to life had it not been for her. Since she moved out of the house and in with her boyfriend, she’s been cooking a heck of a lot more, and so we often exchange […]

Blade Roast and Onion Compote |

Blade Roast with Onion Compote

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, today. I’ve been particularly tired, to the point that I almost considered taking an afternoon nap, which is something I just don’t ever do. To me, naps are an awful waste of time and I always feel like half my day has been stolen from me when I wake […]