Chicken Pad Thai |

Quick Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai, Beef Pad Sew and Chicken Fried Rice, these are some of my ultimate favorite dishes to make, and to eat: not only do they come together super quickly, but they’re also, let’s admit it, quite delicious! In my previous life, when I didn’t really mind what went into my body, I used to eat them […]

Paleo Home Cooking Giveaway |

Paleo Home Cooking – The Great KitchenAid Food Processor Giveaway!

You guys I am so excited!!! Remember how I said that I would have real great goodies coming your way to celebrate the release of Paleo Home Cooking? Well… I’m super stoked to be giving you, my loyal followers, the opportunity to win one of my most treasured (and used) kitchen items! That’s right! In celebration of my new […]

Mediterranean Chicken |

Easy Mediterranean Chicken

Here’s a dish that I wouldn’t necessarily qualify as “quick”, but that definitely falls in the “easy” category. Indeed, this simple yet tasty Mediterranean Chicken pretty much makes itself. All it asks of you is that you gather a few ingredients, prep them up quick quick and then throw the whole lot in a baking dish. Next, you need only move […]

Instant Seafood Pho |

Instant Seafood Pho

Sometimes, you know, sometimes, life goes FAST! Way too fast. There are so many things to do in a day, and so very little time to accomplish it all… there’s barely enough time to breathe! That’s pretty much where I have been at lately. Things have been pretty crazy for me, with the upcoming release of my […]

Paleo Home Cooking |


*Clears throat and reads with the deep, low voice of a TV announcer* We interrupt our regular programming to bring you this very special announcement… Haha! Seriously you guys I AM SO FRIGGIN’ EXCITED, I can’t control myself. I’m acting all silly! My very first cookbook, Paleo Home Cooking, will be released in just a little over […]

Green Peas and Tuna Salad |

Green Peas and Tuna Salad

I hadn’t eaten much green peas over the last couple of years, for green peas are part of the legume family and as such, they don’t typically get invited to paleo parties… Being the good girl that I am, I had pretty much crossed them off my diet, but then I sort of got this craving for the […]

Maple Garlic Pork Roast with Carrots and Potatoes |

Maple Garlic Pork Roast with Carrots and Potatoes

I’ve a funny anecdote for you that has nothing to do with this Maple Garlic Pork Roast… but we’ll get back to it right after, don’t worry! My daughter and baby grand-daughter have been spending a couple of days at home with me; last night, I thought I would give my daughter a bit of […]