Popcorn Chicken

After the U2 concert on Saturday, we decided to go have a little bite to eat while waiting for the crowd to disperse a bit. I was a good girl and had a green apple. Believe it or not, I’d been dreaming about eating that apple for a good hour while watching the concert and […]

Coconut Pancake Tower | by Sonia The Healthy Foodie

Coconut and Cacao Nibs Pancake Tower

I’m always super excited when I make new food discoveries that I really really like. Imagine when I make two fabulous discoveries in the same dish! This is exactly what happened here! This particular pancake recipe got me to discover not one, but two super fantastic foods that I am now totally hooked on. The […]

Waffles With a Tropical Twist

I hadn’t done breakfast in a while. Well, no. Pardon me. I do breakfast EVERY DAY! Let me rephrase that… I mean, I hadn’t done a NEW breakfast item in a while. While on vacation, I had a little bit more time to actually cook breakfast, so I thought it would be cool to give […]

Blueberry Banana Buckwheat Muffins

You probably all know by now that I have an undisputable love for muffins. Dense, heavy, chewy muffins. LOVE ‘EM! So I’m always looking for new healthy muffin recipes, and those aren’t easy to come accross, so I often end up creating them by adapting recipes that I already have… When I saw those beautiful […]

Smoked Salmon Lasagna Rolls

Smoked Salmon Lasagna Rolls

I was in the mood for smoked salmon, but wanted to do things a little bit differently than the traditional smoked salmon platter, or bagel cream cheese with smoked salmon. I wanted something cold, though, because one, it was awfully hot outside, and two, well, I much prefer my smoked salmon cold. I don’t care […]