Fall Colours Stuffed Loaf

This would be one of my daughter’s favourite dishes. Oddly enough, she doesn’t care for bell peppers and this recipe calls for A LOT of bell peppers. In fact, I would say bell peppers make this dish. Along with the parsley, it would be the only ingredient that you cannot substitute for something else. I […]

Ginger Shrimp Fried Rice

This was my first experience making fried rice with brown basmati rice. Since I’ve always used white in the past (I still have about a hundred pounds of the stuff left in my cupboard), I’m not extremely familiar with the brown version, but from what I’ve seen, I feel it tends to be stickier and […]

Creamy Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

Looks like I’ve been craving all sorts of comfort food lately, and when it comes to comfort foods, cream of mushroom would without a doubt come pretty high on my list of most comforting foods. However, who says cream of something usually says “high in fat” and “calorie dense”, so if I was going to […]

Pan Fried Whole Tilapia

There’s something wrong with this picture. I mean, this photo shouldn’t be here. Why? Because I really don’t care for fish served that way. At all! First off, I just hate the fact that it is staring at me. I mean, come on, food with a face? Not a big fan… And secondly, I hate […]

Cabbage (and red lentil) Soup

I had leftover cabbage in the fridge. It was just laying there, all sad and lonely, and if I hadn’t done anything to save the poor thing, it would’ve just gone to waste. I hate letting perfectly good food go to waste, so I had to think of an idea quick, before it was too […]

Fresh Fig and Cendrillon Pizza

One of the foods I have the most fun experimenting with is pizza. I like creating flavours that are miles away from the usual meat and veggies we are so used to seeing and eating. Since I am a big advocate of the fruit, cheese and nuts combination, this is something I just love throwing […]

My favorite snack of the moment

This has become a big favorite of mine lately. I would say I have this snack at least 5 times a week, although I often replace the toast with a few unsalted peanuts. The taste of the apple mixed with that of the almond butter and cinnamon is really interesting. I find Red Delicious or […]