Spinach Orange and Cashew Salad

I am completely disorganised this week. I think I have too much going on and my head is all over the place. All week, I haven’t been able to focus on doing one thing at a time. I will start doing something (like writing this post, for instance) then, just like that, for no apparent […]


Rum Balls

Nope, these are NOT healthy. Not even close, unfortunately. But look how pretty! I couldn’t even tell you if they’re any good, because, believe it or not, I resisted and haven’t tasted them! I figured I had splurged more than enough on the cupcakes that I’d made over the week-end, I needn’t add to the […]

Fathers Day Recap – A Tribute to my Dad!

Well, it looks like, unfortunately, the stars didn’t align to make this Father’s Day quite as successful as I’d hoped it to be. Looks like even the food refused to be on the same page with me and realise just how an extremely important day this was… well, to me anyway. You see, in all […]

You know… when nothing seems be going right!

Today was a day where NOTHING seemed to work… you know the kind. It seems like no matter what you do, touch, or look at, everything just blows up in your face… So if you’ll excuse me, I will keep this post short and sweet, for fear that my computer might die on me or […]

Quinoa Burger

Quinoa Burger and Tzatziki Sauce

Of course, when I made the quinoa cakes and poached eggs recipe, I ended up with a few leftover patties… That was the perfect opportunity to test their “reheatability” factor! But what to make of them? – Serve them with a warm tomato sauce? No… not in the mood for that…. – Creamy mushroom sauce? […]


Looks like we made it in one piece…

Well, here we are!! Looks like we landed just fine. Everybody OK back there? The ride wasn’t too bumpy? I truly hope no one got lost in the process! So… the place looks familiar, doesn’t it? I haven’t even moved the furniture around. There has been one tiny little change, however… You’ll notice that I […]