Looks like we made it in one piece…

Well, here we are!! Looks like we landed just fine. Everybody OK back there? The ride wasn’t too bumpy? I truly hope no one got lost in the process! So… the place looks familiar, doesn’t it? I haven’t even moved the furniture around. There has been one tiny little change, however… You’ll notice that I […]


Food Obsessed is moving to a cozier house!

That’s right! The movers will be here bright and early tomorrow morning. Theoretically, you shouldn’t feel a thing. You shouldn’t even notice that anything’s changed at all. But that is the theory! Although I have hired professional movers to get the job done, there is always a chance that something will go wrong. Sure, they […]

Sesame Tofu and Shrimp Soba Noodles

I almost feel like a broken record with that one. I dunno… I sort of get the impression that I’ve done a million different variations on this same subject. Asian inspired dishes including broccoli, tofu, shrimp and sesame. Well, what can I say? To me, this is the perfect “quicky meal”, the perfect “let’s-eat-some-veggies-and-clean-up-the-fridge-a-little” dish. […]

Choco-Banana Overnight Oats

Prepare to be jealous! Or envious… Or hungry, at least! I mean seriously, check this out. THIS is what I had for breakfast this morning. Oh me, oh my, oh yum! Be still my heart… Wait, wait, wait… there’s more! Oh yum!!!!!! This was U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-Y good! I want some MOOOOORE!!!! This is another one of […]


Bruschetta… or not!

So, what is Bruschetta, anyway? I always thought that bruschetta was some sort of a tomato salsa that is usually served on a piece of toasted bread, NOT the other way around. Well, much to my surprise, while searching the Net for some inspiration to make my own bruschetta, I learned that bruschetta would in […]

Vegetarian Lasagna Rolls

I haven’t had much luck with lasagna in the past, so I decided to take a bit of a different approach this time. Instead of layering my pasta like I usually would, I made them into cute little rolls. Not only did this technique work much better for me, I find the dish looks so […]