Mother’s Day Feast – Lobster Fest

Lobster being on sale this week, this is what I ended up eating this week-end, instead of the pizza I had originally planned. I guess that pizza will have to wait again… I simply couldn’t pass up on live lobster at 5 bucks a pound, and, frankly, I think I wasn’t the only one. Just […]

Multigrain Overnight Oats | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Overnight Oats

I am extremely excited to announce that the girls over at In The Know Mom have recently asked me to join their team and it is with great honor that I accepted their offer. This is more or less a copy of the first post that I contributed to the site. After stumbling upon this […]

Rustic Salmon Pie

My daughter baked this one while I was at work, so when I came home, it was all done and ready to eat. As soon as I set foot in the doorway, I was floored. I just could not believe the smell that was emanating from my oven. I tell you, chocolate cake itself has […]

Creamy Hidden Salmon Pasta

I’m starting to think that my salmon suffers from excessive shyness. Bummer! I was so looking forward to showing him off. Looks like he had other plans… You see, this salmon was given to me by one of my coworkers, who happens to be an avid fly fisherman. Strangely enough, though, he doesn’t care much […]

Go Green – Have Some Soup!

The last couple of days have been absolutely crazy for me, and you know what they say, work always comes first! So that’s what I did! I worked, worked, worked. That, combined with my the fact that I made poor Mr. Salmon look like he had seen a ghost or something the other night and […]

Home made chips

Nofish & Chips

You guessed it allright! You SHOULD in fact be looking at a mouthwatering plate of this English classic we refer to as Fish and Chips. But, you see, Mr. Cod here had some very important business to attend to and had to send his regrets when he got invited to this photo shoot. Boooh! Seriously? […]

Stuffed Zucchini Boats

I must admit that I am fairly new to the world of grains. Up until recently, I would only eat white rice and well… more white rice. Basmati, Jasmine, Arborio, shushi, or the very popular guy known as Uncle Ben’s. All of them white! Then I’d throw the occasional barley in my soup… and I’d […]