Bacon Wrapped Meatball Kebabs | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Bacon Wrapped Apple Pork Meatball Kebabs

There are no words to describe these kebabs, my friends. If I was forced to put words on them, it would have to be something like: “crazy-insane-stupid-will-have-you-do-the-wackiest-things-just-to-get-your-hands-on-one” good. And unfortunately, the pictures do not even BEGIN to do them justice. In fact, what they really need is a picture so perfect, so big, so unbelievable, […]

Loaded Carrot Salad | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Loaded Carrot Salad

They say a blogger should write nothing but useful and unique content. They say that you’re better off not posting at all than to post something you’re not entirely happy with. They also say that you should never publish sub-par pictures of your food… Or something like that, anyway. Well, I’m afraid I’ll be transgressing […]