Spinach Lasagna – Fail!


So I had my mom over for supper tonight. Luckily, my son wasn’t working so he was here too and invited his girlfriend. With my daughter, that made 5 of us around the dinner table. That doesn’t happen all that often here.

So I decided to make lasagna. Well, in fact, I had planned on making that way in advance and even had to change it some because it originally was going to be blue cheese and walnuts (what else!) with whole wheat pasta, but my son doesn’t care much for any of those things, so I saved the idea for later… 

I ended up making a good old spinach lasagna, with cottage cheese galore and tomato / zucchini sauce. Of course, with that many people around the table, it had to end up looking like a complete disaster. It almost looked like soup! OK, I might be exagerating a little, but still, what a bummer. Just look at all that water!

Oh well, it was very good nontetheless, but I will spare you the recipe! I’ll need to work on that one…

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  1. Mindy Wik says

    It looks and sounds delicious and i would be curious to try this! Try cooking the spinach a little first and then drain it as im assuming that is where the water is coming from. Just a thought!

    • says

      Right on, Mindy. I’ve always been reluctant to drain spinach, as you lose so many of the valuable nutrients when you do that, but I guess I’d have to give it a try. What I will need to do is save the liquid and use it elsewhere in the dish. Mind you, I’ve already gotten a lot better with lasagna since then! 😉

      Thanks a bunch for your positive feedback, I truly appreciate that! 😀

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