Banana Buttermilk Pancakes | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

My Top 10 – Breakfast Favorites

Well, this is it guys. Tonight is the night. Soon I will be heading off to the airport to catch my plane and spend a whole week under the beautiful Cuban sun. While I’m away on vacation, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite recipes of the past 2 years. Some […]

Upside Down Pineapple Cake-

Upside Down Pineapple [Breakfast] Cake

Here’s another recipe that came this close to not appearing on The Healthy Foodie… Oh, not because the cake wasn’t good, far from there. It was actually delicious. Only because I made a stupid mistake, which made my cake look sort of ugly and  I wasn’t conviced that I wanted to immortalize the evidence of […]

Buckwheat Banana Muffins

Grain Free Banana Muffins

I made almond milk again. I’m officially hooked, and I definitely plan on making this on a regular basis. As in every week. This basically means that I will be turning into a real “almond meal from milk” manufacture. So expect quite a few recipes using just that… That leaves me wondering, though… how much […]

Buckwheat and Broccoli Risotto

Lent is just around the corner… Going grain-free! Oh, and Creamy Buckwheat “Risotto” Style

If you’ve been following me a while, you already know that every year, I observe Lent. Not out of religious beliefs, though. Not even close. Doesn’t mean that I don’t observe it religiously, though! 😉 Seriously, I am kind of extreme when it comes to that practice. Lent, to me, is a personal challenge. And […]

Granola - Pecan and Cranberry with Vanilla Custard

Truly Healthy Cranberry Pecan Granola

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of granola. I remember years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I’d get unbelievable uncontrolable cravings for granola. I’d eat it almost every day, with some yogurt mixed in. Now milk just wouldn’t cut it. It HAD to be yogurt. Vanilla yogurt. After that, I only rarely […]

Apple Pecan Instant Buckwheat Bake-24

Apple Pecan Instant Buckwheat Bake

As soon as I saw this recipe on Natural Noshing, I immediately knew what I was going to have for dinner that night. That bake looked so unbelievably good, I just couldn’t wait for the day to be over so that I could get busy and make my own little bowl of happiness. However, there […]

Instant Chocolate Breakfast Bake

Instant Chocolate Cherry Buckwheat Bake

This has got to be one of the most decadent breakfasts I have ever eaten. Seriously, while I was eating it, I was thinking I must’ve died and gone to heaven or something, because there was no way in hell something this amazingly decadent could also be good for me, so good in fact that […]