Cold Shrimp Salad

Super Quick and Easy Cold Shrimp Salad

In this household, this would be the ultimate “there’s-nothing-left-in-the-fridge-let’s-whip-up-something-quick” salad. The base ingredients are pretty much always the same: cooked shrimp, canned hearts of palm and canned baby corns. Then I explore the contents of the fridge and cupboards to find a few more layers of flavors and textures I want to add… or rather, […]

Tropical Tuna Ceviche

Tropical Tuna Ceviche

I’m so excited!!! Our trip to Cuba is now officially booked! I so can’t waaaaait! There’s this one tiny little detail that I will need to figure out, though… You see, according to the initial plan, we were supposed to leave rather late on Sunday night, but when I went to actually book the trip, that […]

Grilled Tuna Steak with Spicy Mango Sauce-6

Rare Tuna Steak and Spicy Mango Sauce

I’m sorry if my posts sound a bit boring lately: words just don’t seem to come easily for me. All week, it’s just taken me forever to write what I consider to be half decent posts. I second guess every sentence, every single word that I write. It’s like I’m not even sure I know […]

Smoked Salmon Lasagna Rolls

Smoked Salmon Lasagna Rolls

I was in the mood for smoked salmon, but wanted to do things a little bit differently than the traditional smoked salmon platter, or bagel cream cheese with smoked salmon. I wanted something cold, though, because one, it was awfully hot outside, and two, well, I much prefer my smoked salmon cold. I don’t care […]

This is not a post…

This is a mental note, a reminder to my brain, so to speak. So here goes… BRAIN! I do not care for fish served that way. Don’t ever let me do this again! If I ever feel the need to give it another try and start to argue with you when you try to be […]