Hazelnut Ganache Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

This is probably one of the last entries of the unhealthy kind that you will see on here. Sure, I will still be making the occasional decadent dessert once in a blue moon, such as these guys here, but after this last experience, I have decided that from now on, even my monthly decadent treat […]


Rum Balls

Nope, these are NOT healthy. Not even close, unfortunately. But look how pretty! I couldn’t even tell you if they’re any good, because, believe it or not, I resisted and haven’t tasted them! I figured I had splurged more than enough on the cupcakes that I’d made over the week-end, I needn’t add to the […]

Date Squares

These are *almost* healthy. Let’s say they are a healthier choice, because of the oats and whole wheat flour that’s in them, but they also contain a lot of butter and dates are extremely high in sugar, which makes them extremely calorie dense. But hey, if you are going to have a treat, this is […]