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Loaded Cauliflower Fritters |

Loaded Cauliflower Fritters

After many people made the original version of these Cauliflower Fritters and reported to having a hard time getting them to actually stick together, I thought I owed it to them to revisit the recipe and see what could possibly have gone wrong for them. But of course, you know me, I can’t follow a recipe, not even my own, […]

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Simple Western Omelette |

Simple Western Omelette

Believe it or not, sometimes, I don’t really feel like cooking much… or eating “fancy” food, for that matter. I’d gladly open up a can of smoked herrings and eat ‘em straight out of the can, with a side of raw broccoli and avocado, all smothered in Frank’s, of course. Right Jordan? Right! (Jordan likes to tease me because I seem to […]

Paleo Salmon Terrine |

Paleo Salmon Terrine

My mind recently got a glimpse, a flash memory from my distant past, of this wicked salmon terrine that my grand-mother used to make back when I was a kid. Even though I was not big on fish or seafood back then, there was something about her salmon terrine that kept me coming back for more. That brief flashback left […]

Whipped Coconut Cream |

Whipped Coconut Cream

Whipped Cream… Ooooh yes! Light, fluffy, airy, silky smooth and subtly sweet, heavenly whipped cream… Who doesn’t care for the stuff, right? The very words themselves get me all excited! I really miss the stuff, sometimes. And if like me you’ve pretty much eliminated dairy from your diet, there’s a fair chance that you too are missing […]

Creamy Broccoli Salad |

Creamy Broccoli Salad

I’ve been loving like mad on this Broccoli Salad lately, so I decided it was probably time for me to share the recipe with you. Funny how I tend not to share my “regulars” on here, probably because I find they’re too boring to make an appearance on these pages. But this salad, I seriously can’t seem to get […]

Avocado and Spicy Mayo Stuffed Burger |

Avocado and Spicy Mayo Stuffed Burgers

Lemme ask you guys, what could possibly be better than an Avocado Stuffed Meatball? A super-sized meatball, also known as a burger, stuffed not only with creamy avocado, but with even more goody-good-goodness in the form of smooth and spicy mayo. That’s what! And oh yes, I did! Just you check out that beautiful, bright green slice of avocado that’s trying […]

Smooth and Creamy Coconut Butter |

Smooth & Creamy Coconut Butter

I’ve been making my own coconut butter for quite a while now. Truth be told, up until last month, I had never even bought a jar of the ready-made stuff. Then, there was this one day when, I dunno… curiosity got the best of me I guess, and I went ahead and purchased a jar of this […]