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Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken |

Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken

Okay, so I told you I was going to try and come up with more quick and easy Whole30® compliant recipes during this new round I’m currently doing myself. So far, I have more or less kept my promise. Looks like I’ve got the “easy” part down pat… it’s the “quick” that’s apparently a bit […]

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Cottage Pie With A Twist |

Cottage Pie With A Twist

I’m now on day 16 of my 60 day Whole30® challenge. So far, things are going fan-tas-tic. I keep forgetting just how much I loooove taking this challenge. I don’t know how or why it is that it does that to me, but it never fails to make me feel awesome and super inspired in the kitchen. You’d […]

Queen Elizabeth Cake |

Queen Elizabeth Cake

Well, it looks like I’m giving you yet another dessert recipe today. Yes, again. I know, I don’t usually share that many… Better enjoy it while it lasts, though, because while a lot of people out there (including you, perhaps?) are on the final day of their Whole30 challenge, I’ll be entering mine starting tomorrow. I guess seeing so […]

all-the-time chocolate chip cookies

“All the Time” Chocolate Chip Cookies – A Guest Post by Louise of

Today, I am honored to have Louise from guest post on The Healthy Foodie. I think you will adore the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that she is so generously sharing with us. This is just one of her many mouth-watering offerings, though. Indeed, Louise has just released her awesome new cookbook, The Essential Paleo Cookbook, which comes with a great selection of amazing recipes and […]