Instant Chocolate Breakfast Bake

Instant Chocolate Cherry Buckwheat Bake

This has got to be one of the most decadent breakfasts I have ever eaten. Seriously, while I was eating it, I was thinking I must’ve died and gone to heaven or something, because there was no way in hell something this amazingly decadent could also be good for me, so good in fact that […]

Korean Style Corn Pancakes NF

Korean Style Corn Pancakes

This is a recipe that I’ve had in my recipe box for a little while now. It’s was actually photocopied from some French magazine… I forget which… sorry! I had made the pancakes once before, about a year ago, and I remembered really liking them. They are the very description of “it feels like there’s […]

Cherry & Chocolate Overnight Oats

Cherries are in season!!! Yay, yay, and double yay! 😀 For as far as I can remember, cherries have always been my ultimate favourite fruit. Mind you, raspberries are very close behind, if not right next to them. In fact, I’d have a very hard time picking one between the two. But cherries have one […]

High Protein Oatmeal Cookies NF

High Protein Healthy Oatmeal Cookies

A few weeks ago, someone (I’m not pointing the finger, here! 😉 ) got me craving oatmeal cookies. BIG TIME! I had completely, well, ok, not quite completely… I had sort of forgotten that oatmeal cookies even existed before I saw THE PICTURES! Then it all came back to me. The sweet chewyness, the moist […]

Refreshing Cucumber, Tomato and Shrimp Salad

Looks like summer is finally here, and here to stay! There’s flowers blooming everywhere… This particular spot is the king at the moment… I just can’t get enough of this color combination. I just love how lavender attracts butterflies… I have never cooked with lavender before, but I want to find a way to incorporate […]

Peach Cobbler Coconut Pancakes

When I was a kid, peaches were by far my favourite fruit. Not only did I like their crisp, fresh flavour, I also LOVED the fuzzy softness of their skin. I would often pick one up just for the shear pleasure of feeling its softness, maybe have a deeeep smell, then I’d put it back. […]