The title for tonight’s post should’ve been “Olive and sun dried tomatoes polenta” but silly me realized earlier today that I totally forgot to make my polenta yesterday, so that I could leave it in the fridge to chill overnight. Sooooo, I had to swap things around a bit and decided to have tomorrow’s supper tonight and tonight’s tomorrow. Not sure Felix (my son) will be too happy about that, but I didn’t have much of a choice… My polenta is now done and cooling off, so unless something goes wrong, tomorrow’s post will have something to do with olives and polenta!

About tonight’s dish… To be completely honest, I did attempt it sometime last week, but was so unhappy with my pictures, I decided not to share them. Sorry about that, but trust me, after looking at the pics, you wouldn’t have wanted to give the dish a try anyway and that would’ve been a real shame, because it is a very good meal. However, you have to be a serious spinach lover, or a  hardcore Popeye fan, because you will need quite a large quantity to make this: I am talking about half a pound per serving! Still, despite the fact that it calls for so much spinach, this dish remains very light and would also make an excellent breakfast.

I got the inspiration for this one after stumbling upon Serena’s post, over at Ten Things That. That picture made my mouth water instantly and I knew I HAD to give this a try. I pretty much used her recipe, except I used fresh spinach instead of frozen. 225 grams of them. And I baked in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes, until the white was set but the yolk was still runny. Oh, and be careful when you take the first bite, this thing is really HOT (yeah, I burned my tongue, but it was worth it!)

Thanks for the inspiration, Serena!  I truly enjoyed this!