Today has been a good day, I guess, for I spent the entire day cooking. The funny thing is I don’t have much to show for it. I don’t think you guys would like to see pictures of piles of beets waiting to be peeled or inside round getting ground.

I did, however, make my usual batches of mini-breads. The one shown above is Banana, Dates and Walnuts. This is another one of those things that I eat every single day of the week and never get tired of. I’ve always loved muffins but had to stay away from them (well, as much as I possibly could), for the darn little things are loaded with sugar and fat and contain as many calories as an entire meal! These mini-breads not only are just as good, if not better than muffins, they also are good for me, contain close to no fat and I put no sugar in them whatsoever! It’s almost like I’ve died and gone to heaven… now I can eat “muffins” every day and not feel guilty in the least!