Another take on a chicken sandwich, another half hour spent in chewing heaven!

This time, I revisited one of my classics: chicken, pear, walnuts and blue cheese. To me, this particular combination is simply a winner, taste wise as well as texture wise. You get a nice balance between sweet, salty, tangy and soft, creamy yet crunchy. Too bad once again my picture doesn’t do it justice. Guess I will have to try again… Third time’s the charm, they say!

Blue cheese adds so much flavor, you only need add very little, so despite the fact that its fat content is quite high, I still use it on a regular basis. 10g of this stuff will go a very long way!

If you want to make one for yourself, you will need a mini multigrain baguette, one chicken breast, cooked and sliced, 10g toasted walnuts, 10g blue cheese crumbles and one quarter of a pear, sliced. Just assemble everything and let your teeth do the rest!