This sandwich you are looking at, yeah, that sandwich right there… it was… total bliss! Absolute heaven! The warm crispiness of the pan toasted bread, the creaminess of the avocado, the gooeyness of the gouda cheese, the chewiness of the oyster mushrooms , and the chicken, so tender and full of flavour. It’s like each bite was better than the previous and I just wanted that sandwich to last forever. I don’t remember ever eating a grilled cheese so good before.

I only wish it ranked higher on the health scale, though. While it is loaded with healthy ingredients, I would say the overall fat content would be way too high for this sandwich to qualify as a super healthy choice. I haven’t calculated, but I am sure it’s fairly high. Also, it is a bit on the heavy side as far as calories as concerned. I mean the bread alone counted for 160 calories! Plus, I did use a full chicken breast, which clocked in at 240 calories. Add the avocado, cheese, mushrooms and butter (I only used about 1 tablespoon, but still…), you probably end up well over 800 calories. BUT! I could’ve cut most of the ingredients by at least 25%, and I went really heavy on the cheese too. I ended up putting 75g of cheese, instead of the 50g I had planned on. Or, one could eat only half (share with a loved one, why not?) and have a side of salad.

There is no way I can cross that one off my list. It was just too darn good. Sure beats any junk food I ever had and still has way less fat and calories!