Tonight was another fun pizza night! We’re thinking of turning that into a monthly thing. Making pizza is so much fun, so interactive. We all get to make our own, choose our own toppings, but most of all, we all get to be in the kitchen at the same time and share some quality time as a family. Even the dog wanted to be part of the fun!

Topping station!

Party in the kitchen!

Tonight, I chose to top my pizza with chicken, oyster mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and raw goat cheese. Then, as soon as it came out of the oven, I sprinkled some fresh basil over the whole thing. It was really good. The sundried tomatoes got to toast quite a bit, which made them a tad crispy and gave them a really really good taste.  I think some Moroccan olives would have been a great addition to an already delicious pizza! Next time I do this combination, I will add a few!

My mom chose to go the vegetarian route, with fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, red bell peppers, broccoli, red onions, artichokes hearts, olives, mushrooms and fresh basil.

And my daughter went for chicken and artichoke hearts, tomatoes, broccoli and olives, with a few crumbles of goat cheese.