Seriously, I’m so thrilled I can hardly find the words to express how I feel.

I know many of you have been waiting, hoping and asking for this for a VERY long time now. Well, it’s finally happening! That picture right there is the actual cover of my very first, very real, very awesome COOKBOOK: Paleo Home Cooking — Flavorful Recipes for a Healthy, Gluten Free Lifestyle


Me, I’m like totally over the moon! Trust me, it’s been extremely hard to keep the secret for so long, but I wanted to wait and tell you when the book would be something more than just an embryo, you know, when I’d actually have something to show you.

Spiced Apple Muffins |

Well, here we finally are! For almost a year now, I’ve been extremely hard at work, cooking, writing, snapping pictures, tasting, cooking some more, writing, correcting, editing, re-writing, and then cooking again… and taking more pictures.

Honestly, I never thought that writing a cookbook would be so much work. But what a great, grand, amazing experience it has been so far. And it’s not even over yet.

While I am writing these words, the designers are still hard at work coming up with a pretty design for the interior pages; that means I don’t even know yet exactly what my book will actually look like. I can tell you this much, though: you can expect beautiful, mouth-watering pictures, and LOTS of them! It goes without saying that every single recipe comes with its very own image, and sometimes even more than one.

Of course, all the photography was done by me, so you can expect the same level of quality that you get on my blog. If you like what you see here, you will love Paleo Home Cooking.

Filet Mignon Beurre Maitre d'Hotel |

Now that the bulk of my work is behind me and that I have turned in all of my texts, pictures and [almost] final edits, I’ll be taking some more than well deserved time off… I’ll TRY and stay away from my computer, camera and kitchen for the next 2 weeks. Keyword being TRY… But before I go, I want to give you a little glimpse of what you can expect to find in Paleo Home Cooking.

Paleo Home Cooking will be officially released on September 29, but you can secure your own copy as of right now to ensure that when we go to press, one of those copies will have your name on it! (That’s figuratively speaking, of course. The book won’t really have your name printed on it… I wish I could send you all personalized books, but that would be a tad too complicated, I’m afraid. I’m pretty sure I’ll be signing copies eventually, however, so you can pay me a little visit then and it’ll be my pleasure to make your copy absolutely unique by writing a little something in it for you.) 

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Meatloaf with Sour Cherry Sauce |

So, what can you expect to find in Paleo Home Cooking?

For starters, you’re looking at over 150 grain-free, gluten-free AND dairy-free recipes, all made by a real person, aka yours truly, in a real kitchen, aka my very own kitchen, using nothing but real, whole, unprocessed food.

As usual, I whipped up flavorful, quick, and easy everyday dishes that will be sure to please the entire family without having you spend hours in the kitchen. You will find many tasty main dishes options, such as Meatloaf with Sour Cherry Sauce, Maple Balsamic Pulled Pork, or Hearty Meatballs in Wild Mushroom Sauce.

Hearty Meatballs Wild Mushrooms Sauce |

Kaleslaw |

You will also find lots of make-ahead sides and salads to last you all week (you know how I love those), yummy appetizers, (can you say Buffalo Wings?) as well as several soul-warming soups and stocks.

Buffalo Wings |

You know how, since I love to be in control and know exactly what goes into my body, I tend to make everything from scratch, right?

Well, Paleo Home Cooking includes several of my favorite condiment recipes so that you too can stay away from the junk-filled store-bought stuff. We’re talking yummy Salad Dressings, spicy BBQ sauce, many common Spice Mixes and of course, my Famous Foolproof Paleo Mayo! 

Creamy Honey Dijon Dressing |

Love nut butter as much as I do? I’ve got you covered!

You know just how much I love my nut butters, don’t you? Of course, I couldn’t come up with a cookbook without including a few nut butter recipes.

Well, Paleo Home Cooking absolutely, positively reflects my love of nut butters.

I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to homemade nut butters. That’s right. AN ENTIRE CHAPTER! That’s over 20 different nut butter recipes,  from the very basics, like Toasted Almond Butter, to crazy-intricate flavor creations, like Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter or Smokey Bacon, Dark Chocolate and Toasted Almond.

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 Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter |

Not only that, I’ve also included a handy troubleshooting guide, complete with useful tips and pointers, so you can become a pro at making your very own nut butters at home and be inspired to come up with your own personal flavor combinations.

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Bacon Chocolate Almond Butter |

Butter Pecan Cake |

No cookbook would be complete without leaving a little room for desserts. When it comes to that, Paleo Home Cooking really delivers, offering a wide variety of refined sugar–free desserts and indulgences that use nothing but natural sugars such as maple syrup, honey, and dried fruit.

I totally unleashed the baker in me and I may very well have surpassed myself on more than one recipe.

I’ll even teach you how to make your own Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Chips.

Homemade All Natural Chocolate Chips |

Several useful guides

For your convenience, I’ve included a few guides to help you better understand what the paleo lifestyle is all about. I’ll show you how to stock your kitchen with Paleo-approved ingredients and equip your kitchen with indispensable kitchen tools. 

Also, I’ve categorized every recipe according to their specifications and special dietary needs.

Recipe Categories

  • Super Quick & Easy
  • Ready in under 30
  • Time / Labor Intensive
  • Plan Ahead / Prep Required
  • Make Ahead
  • Freezer Friendly

Special Dietary Needs

  • Squeaky Clean
  • Keto Friendly
  • Nut-Free
  • Egg-Free

Honestly, I’m extremely proud of Paleo Home Cooking and since it will be published by the best publishing house in the paleo world, Victory Belt Publishing, I just know that it will be stunningly beautiful; I have no doubt that you will absolutely love it too!

I just can’t wait until we all get to hold our very own “hot off the press” copy in our hands. Make sure you get in on that: reserve your copy today!

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