Sorry to disappoint guys, but there won’t be a recipe today…

Instead, I’ll give you something much better! Something good that doesn’t even need a recipe!

You know that vanilla custard that I use all the time, on pancakes, bakes, and even oatmeal?

Well, we will be making some of that! πŸ˜€

That custard, so to speak, is nothing more than vanilla flavored whey protein powder mixed in with 0% fat plain Greek yogurt. It may not sound too yummy just like that, but trust me, it is divine.

What’s best is it comes together in no time! All you have to do is mix the 2 ingredients together. You don’t even need to measure, really.

The ratio that I usually go for is 2 tbsp whey protein powder to ΒΌ cup plain yogurt, but I did go as high as 4 tbsp protein powder (that’s a full scoop) to ΒΌ cup plain yogurt, with great results!

I suspect there was still room for even more powder, but then I’d have been looking at at a very firm custard.

Whey Protein Powder and Plain Yogurt

When you first make this custard, you’ll probably think that there is no way it will ever come together, that there is way too much powder… but trust me, it eventually does happen.

The protein powder sort of liquifies and blends beautifully with the yogurt…

One word of advice, though: give yourself some room; use a large mixing bowl!

Whey Protein Powder and Plain Yogurt

See? It does come toghether.

But then you get LUMPS!

Tons of ugly, unappetizing lumps.

And you start thinking there’s no way in hell I’m gonna put that in your mouth. That Healthy Foodie must be plain out of her mind if she thinks I’m gonna eat that…

Whey Protein Powder and Plain Yogurt

At that point, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that! The custard does look gross.

But give it time… just let it rest.

Do something else for a couple of minutes, say 3 or 4. Don’t even look at your custard, forget that it’s there.

Magic is happening!

When you return, give it a quick stir… all the lumps are gone and you are left with this silky smooth, decadent looking, healthy vanilla pudding, ready to eat as is or to garnish your favorite recipes.

It’s so good, you could very well enjoy it just plain out of the bowl, like you would vanilla pudding!

Now, of course, the custard on its own makes a great, quick and easy snack, but you could also try it with your favorite fruits and nuts, or use it to garnish just about any sweet dish, like I do.

Oh, the possibilities! You could even do granola, just like that…Β 

Oooooh, my favorite! (yeah, I know, I have too many favorites…)

Right… I still owe you a recipe for that one, don’t I?

Don’t worry, I shan’t make you wait much longer! πŸ˜‰