We had a lot of leftovers, as usual, and my son was working on New Year’s Eve, so he didn’t get to enjoy the traditional raclette. We kept the leftovers for today and had a quick lunch together, my daughter, him and I.

I had a lot of vegetables today, and shrimp, so I don’t feel quite as “guilty”. Raclette can be quite healthy, if you go easy on the cheese!

And the bread! YUM. It was my mom who brought it. She had bought it at a local bakery, they didn’t have much choice left, so the guy recommended that one: a fennel bread. It’s so dark, almost black, and it’s dense, but nowhere as dense as pumpernickel. The fennel taste is very present, yet subtle enough not to overtake all the other flavors. I am sold! I will definitely have to go buy some more eventually, or better yet, find a recipe to make my own.