Here’s a good old classic revisited. While I have to admit that it was not THE most incredible Shepherd’s Pie I’ve had in my life, it was very good nonetheless and worthy of being referred to as comfort food.The only thing that needs adjusting, I think, is the moist factor. It was a bit on the dry side. Then again, maybe it’s because I am used to eat Shepherd’s Pie that’s completely drenched in five pepper sauce…

I used ground inside round for beef and I put no fat whatsoever in the mashed potatoes, only plain yogurt and unsweetened plain soy milk. I added a little bit of salt, pepper and savory. They were pretty decent, really.

I didn’t take any notes or weigh anything, so I can’t really give you a recipe, sorry. Besides, I still need to work on this one, it can use a little improvement, I think.

Mind you, the kids loved it, so I guess it passed the test! ;o)