One of the foods I have the most fun experimenting with is pizza. I like creating flavours that are miles away from the usual meat and veggies we are so used to seeing and eating. Since I am a big advocate of the fruit, cheese and nuts combination, this is something I just love throwing on top of a multi-grain home made pizza dough (for which I haven’t found the perfect recipe yet… it’s getting close, I think, but I’m still working on it!)

My inspiration this time was figs. Fresh figs, that is. I thought goat cheese would go well with that. It’s a classic, really. I wanted one that would be strong in taste and that would melt really well and blend in with everything else. I ended up opting for award winning Cendrillon. A little high in fat, you might say, but the trick is not to use too much. Roughly 20 grams did the trick.  Of course, I have also topped my crust with mozzarella… you can’t have pizza without mozzarella, now, can you?

Then I thought dried cranberries would bring a beautiful contrast, both in the taste department with their undeniable sweetness as well as in the colour department with their gorgeous bright red. As for the nut part of the equation, I thought pumpkin seeds would be a winning contributor, with their very delicate taste and sustained crunch factor. Plus, their beautiful green colour made them the obvious choice. Then, for even a little bit more green (and flavour, of course!), as soon as it came out of the oven, I sprinkled a good amount of fresh rosemary leaves.

It was an incredible pizza! Most intriguing to look at, to say the least… although I really wish figs looked better when they’re cooked: their colour is a little bit off. Maybe next time I’ll try and find the purple ones. It might look very different… But as far as the taste is concerned, it was simply awesome. I’d order from a menu anytime! No wait… I’d much rather make my own! Oh, and next time, I won’t be having this one during Lent. A nice glass of red wine would’ve been soooo good with it.