Burger! The healthy way!

Although I can’t say I am extremely pleased with this picture, I think it was a meal worthy of sharing… I try not to eat too much meat, especially not beef, even less pork. I tend to stick to chicken breasts, fish and seafoods. But the kids seem to enjoy beef and sometimes complain that we don’t eat enough, so I guess I have to please them too, every now and then…

When I do eat beef however, I stick to lean cuts. So when I need ground beef, I buy a nice roast of inside round and then grind it at home. That way I can keep the fat content in check!

They say you need at least 10% fat for flavour. Nonsense. Since when does fat equal flavour? You must add flavour to any meat. Natural, wholesome, goody good flavours that is. Tonight, I mixed dijon mustard, honej y, garlic, hot chili pepper flakes, parsley, salted herbs and pepper and one egg white, mixed that in with my ground beef. You don’t need much fixin’s in your burger after that, let me tell you! The flavour is all in the meat!

The fries are simply oven roasted sweet potatoes. They’re almost better than the real thing! And so easy to do. Just cut the potatoes into long strips, toss them with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and cook them on a pre-heated cookie sheet at 450 degrees, for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you turn them halfway through cooking.