My daughter made this tonight while I was out visiting my dad. When I got home, she was all desperate and said she had ruined it, that it tasted like dish water. She always does that, but her food is always super good. I just thought it smelled incredibly good when I stepped in the house and was real glad to come home to a good home cooked hearty soup.

Of course, I had to go “ruin” her soup by adding zucchini. For some reason, as soon as I tasted it, my mind immediately went “This soup needs some courgettes”. She wasn’t too happy with my additionS (because I also added a little bit of basil, some pepper, a dash of salt and a sprinkle of thyme) but later admitted that the courgettes was a good idea and that the soup was indeed delicious.

She somewhat followed the recipe from a book, but made a few modifications. I will have to ask her tomorrow and take a few minutes to transcript here after. It’s really worth it!