You guys all know Leanne, right?

Over at Healthful Pursuit?

Well, if you don’t, I strongly urge you to pay her a little visit! She’s got the most amazing blog, filled with all sorts of delicious recipes, mouth watering pictures and TONS of great tips and tricks to help you get really fit and healthy.

And she’s a professional, too! So seriously, if you’ve never visited her site, you should head on over there, like right now!

And if you do know her, well, you should still head on over, like now… because you know what?

I am extremely honoured to say that I have been invited by Leanne to make a guest appearance on her site while she is away on a trip to India!

Seriously… that makes me feel like a rock star!

I’m just so thrilled, and honored!

So please, people… take a minute and go watch me shine! 😉

And while you’re at it, you can check out some of my favorite recipes…

‘Cuz Leanne has the links to all these goodies!