Today was a day where NOTHING seemed to work… you know the kind. It seems like no matter what you do, touch, or look at, everything just blows up in your face…

So if you’ll excuse me, I will keep this post short and sweet, for fear that my computer might die on me or something while I am writing…

I had a million things planned for today. I only managed to do like 25%. It’s probably better off that way…

Just to give you an idea… I’m making cupcakes, for Father’s Day, you know… yeah, REAL, decadent, full fat, full sugar, fully UNHEALTHY cupcakes (now that I think of it, that’s probably why my day went so bad, it’s was a curse!!!)

So… I’m making cupcakes. The paper cups that I used specifically say that I didn’t need to use a cupcake pan with those, I can just line the cups on a baking sheet and bake them as is. NOT! They came out of the oven all crooked and deformed. Thank goodness I had still made a few in a proper cupcake pan. But still. More than half the batch came out real ugly. ARGH!

I put the cupcakes on top of the fridge to cool, so the dogs wouldn’t have a chance to get at them, while I start working on the buttercream. Of course, I later need something in the fridge and swing the door open: BING BOOM BAM BADAM SPLAT! Guess what? I totally forgot about the cupcakes! One of the pans just went crashing on the floor! Damage? 6 cupcakes (the good ones, of course) and one cupcake pan, trashed! The pan just literally bent under the impact!

Did I mention I was making buttercream? Well, it was so darn hot today that it just wouldn’t cooperate with me and was all soft and unmanageable. And the hazelnut ganache got way too hard after I put in in the fridge. Grrrrrrrrr.

I later have to grill chicken breasts to make Cold Asian Chicken Strips, for Father’s Day still (darn, I forgot to clean my BBQ, will have to go do that!) and, for some obscure reason, they decided to stick to the grill like no tomorrow! I had to completely deface them to finally free them from the hot metal bars. Just super!

I interrupt this post momentarily to report that, believe it or not, my mouse has decided to start malfunctioning and is driving me absolutely insane. It looks like it has a mind of its own and will select whatever it sees fit, NOT what I want it to… Should I go to bed now, you think?

Back to my BBQ. While I have the chicken on there, I decide to grill a sweet potato and a quick shrimp brochette for dinner. Well, I managed to burn the potato! Thank goodness, I was able to save a couple of slices. I then plate my food, set-up to take pictures quick quick. Of course, this huge cloud had to come hide the sun for me. GREAT. Even the sun won’t cooperate with me!

I start shooting anyway, manage to take a couple of shots, then… nothing.

OF COURSE! The battery is dead!

Had to charge it for a few minutes, managed to take a few more pictures, before it went dead again.

By the time I finally got to eat, my food was cold!

So I don’t have a recipe for you today. Only a couple of pictures that I managed to take. Besides, the way I see it, I’m lucky I even have food to show you! šŸ˜‰

Plus, there’s nothing to it, really. It’s just a sweet potato, sliced rather thinly, sprinkled with a little bit of salt, pepper and dried oregano, plus a few shrimps skewered on wooden skewers, sprinkled with salt and pepper, grilled on the BBQ (well, more like burnt, in the case of the potato…)

Oh, on the plus side, I did manage to do a little bit of gardening today (read, cut a bunch of dead branches and remove a bunch of weeds) and I didn’t even hurt myself with the cutters!

This would be my favorite flower of the moment. I feel this is the beginning of a great love affair between me and poppies… Did I ever tell you I loved gardening?