Earlier this week, I fell on that picture and thought that bread looked soooo amazingly good, I just had to give it a try!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, not quite sure which, I completely, totally failed. Why could it be?, you ask; what could possibly have happened to make that recipe not work for you? Well, for one, of course I didn’t follow the recipe. I mean, why would I? There would be way too good a chance that I would succeed, if I did!

No, seriously, I try never to use all purpose flour. With very few exceptions. So of course, I used all whole wheat. I compensated by adding 2 tablespoons gluten flour. So there is no reason why it should’ve stayed so hard. Truth is, it hardly rose at all. Maybe my house is too cold. The dough was really cold to the touch (and still rock hard) after resting for 18 hours. Maybe the yeast is to blame, but I used it not too long ago and it was still active.

Anyway, there are many reasons that could cause a dough not to rise, so I won’t sweat it. Truth is, that bread is good, and I truly hope I can duplicate my “miss”. It turned out incredibly dense but super moist, and sooooo flavorful. The kind of bread that I pay a fortune to buy at the supermarket.

Just don’t tell Michael Smith that I ruined his recipe!