I know, I know… you’re probably thinking Oh maaaan! Not oranges again.

Well, I told you I still had one left…

BUUUT, you know… since I’ve already posted si many orange recipes here, I’ve decided to give that last one away!

Well, sort of! 

You see, Simone, over at Junglefrog Cooking, recently decided to healthify her life some in an effort to shed a few extra pounds that she wouldn’t mind leaving behind. As such, she created this new blog,  Beetroot and Halloumi, where she will showcase all the gorgeous healthy recipes that she comes up with!

As if this alone wasn’t enough to get me super thrilled and over excited, Simone asked me if I would be willing to write a little piece for her new site! 

So anyway, since Simone has always encouraged me to keep on posting my orange recipes (she’s a fan of oranges, too) it didn’t take me long to figure out what recipe I would be posting on her site.Of course, I said yes! What an honor it is for me to make an appearance on the very blog of such a brilliant artist.

If you’ve never visited Simone’s blogs  before, (she has THREE, believe it or not!) you simply HAVE to. She is the most amazingly talented photographers, I guarantee it. I think you better equip yourself with a few good rags before you click the links though, ‘cuz you’ll more than probably need to wipe a little drool off your keyboard at some point…

Of course, it would have to be my Orange Fennel Salad!

Of course, I’ve given you so many already, you guys probably won’t mind, right? And you probably won’t even feel the need to go check out the recipe either, right?

Or, will you? 

Maybe just a little glimpse?

We’re talking fennel, orange supremes, walnuts, bosc pears… such a refreshing combination… such a gorgeous salad.

And it’s ready in no time, too.

Ahhh, got your attention, didn’t I?

Well, the recipe is just a click away! Go on... take a look! 

I won’t tell… promise! 😉