Here we are guys, the day before Christmas.

I guess that for a lot of you, as is the case for me, today is THE big day! The day where family and friends will come walking through the door, buried in presents and bags of all sorts, carrying good food, treats and drinks to share with all.

Christmas Carols will be sung, laughter will echo all throughout the house, too much food will be consumed and, come the stroke of midnight, children’s eyes will light up with marvel as they unwrap all those beautiful presents that Santa left under the tree for them.

Ah, really, you gotta love the magic of Christmas. There’s just nothing quite like it…

Happy Holidays

So today, as our hearts are filled with excitement for this magical event, I opted not to share a recipe with you. There wouldn’t be much time to really savor it anyway, now, would there? I’m sure we all have much better things to do than to drool over recipes on a computer screen. There’s probably actual food on the table! And chances are, it’s calling you, too!

Instead, I really wanted to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Happy and Healthy Christmas. May this time of celebration bring much joy and happiness to your heart and to that of those you love and care for.

And may the year to come see your grandest, wildest dreams, goals and wishes become a reality.

Very Best Holiday Wishes, from me to all of you!