Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies

*EDIT: I’ve just made a paleo version of these brownies that’s at least a million times better, and healthier too! I say you should totally check them out! 

I’ve had this thing on my mind lately.

It’s almost all I can think about…

It’s like an obsession!

Not a day goes by without me getting ideas, and lots of them!

I’m talking cakes, crumbles, cookies, bars, chocolates, cheesecake pops, BROWNIES!  All of them super healthy, of course!

What? Were you expecting something else? 😉

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Baking is what it’s called. And I’ve been in the mood for nothing but that lately.

Perhaps I have to blame this on the colder weather? I have to admit that I do find a lot of comfort in baking.

Or perhaps it’s just the Holiday spirit that’s already getting to me…

Whatever it is, I don’t think you guys are gonna mind, are you? I’m getting tons of great awesome dessert recipe ideas.

It all started with my Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars. Those were HEAVENLY, to say the least.

Them came these Lord Have Mercy On Me Sweet Potato Brownies. …

Oh yum! Need I say more?

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

These were shortly followed by a Beet and Chocolate Bundt Cake, which I am still enjoying as I type these words. Hmfpt. Enjoying would be a serious understatement!

The plan for this week-end is to whip up another Bundt Cake, but a Spicy Cinnamon Apple and Pumpkin this time.

I actually have an entire list of desserts that I want can’t wait to try, so I get the feeling that you will be getting at least one recipe per week for the next few months.

Hey, feel free to contact me with complaints! 😉

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Back to the brownies… I’m sure you want to know about them. At least a little bit.

Well, they came out PERFECT in every way.

If I was to make them again, I wouldn’t change a single thing. (except for maybe turn off the darn tungsten light that I had inadvertently left on right above my brownies when I photographed them…)

Their texture was nice and dense, super sticky and chewy, just the way I like ’em. I don’t normally do walnuts in brownies, but I thought they brought a really interesting little “creamy crunch” to this batch and I absolutely do not regret throwing them in.

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

The flavor was also superb and it only got better with every passing day. Don’t overdo that, though… A few days in the fridge and they were just PERFECT! Sweet, but not overly so. Very intense and chocolaty but not bitter in the least. Just sweet and smooth, all the way.

As for the avocado and sweet potato? Erm… was that really in there?


No way!

I swear, no one will ever be able to tell. 

Sweet Potato Brownies

Yield: Makes12-16 brownies

Nutritional Information based on 1 of 12 brownies

Sweet Potato Brownies


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 cup sweet potato puree*
  • ½ cup unsweetened applesauce
  • ¼ cup date paste
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup spelt flour
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • ½ cup walnuts
  • Icing
  • ¼ cup date paste
  • ¼ cup hazelnut butter
  • ½ cup fat free plain Greek Yogurt
  • ¼ cup cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
  • 3 scoops vanilla flavored whey protein powder


  1. Preheat your oven to 375F. Spray a 9” square baking pan with cooking spray and line pan with parchment paper, leaving enough extra to extend over the sides.
  2. In the bowl of your food processor, combine avocado, sweet potato puree, unsweetened applesauce, date paste, vanilla and eggs and process until smooth and creamy.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, mix together with a whisk the flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking soda.
  4. Add sweet potato mixture and mix with a rubber spatula until well combined.
  5. Fold in walnuts and transfer to your prepared pan. Spread batter evenly and bake for approximately 25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out almost clean.
  6. Set brownies on a wire rack to cool for 15-20 minutes.
  7. While brownies are cooling, prepare the icing by adding all the ingredients to the bowl of your food processor and process until smooth and creamy.
  8. Pour over warm brownies and spread evenly with a spatula.
  9. Leave the brownies on the wire rack until they reach room temperature then transfer to the fridge until completely cool. Cut into squares.


*To make the sweet potato puree, cut one large sweet potato in half, place it in a baking sheet, add a little bit of water in the bottom, cover with foil and roast it in a 375F oven for about 35 minutes or until soft. Allow to cool completely, remove peel and puree.

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Deliciously Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

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  1. says

    Um you are amazing and need to keep thinking all things baked and I need to make these this weekend. A brownie insight in vitamin A? Love it! And I’m sorry but I have to ask, spelt is basically the only flour I don’t have any would prefer a GF sub, any suggestions? Oat flour perhaps?

    • says

      Whole wheat flour would obviously work fine, although it’s not gluten free! I prefer to work with spelt because I find it usually results in a lighter cake, but whole wheat “pastry” flour will yield very similar results. As for oats flour, I have no idea, but I would definitely give it a try. Perhaps mix it with a little bit of arrowroot or rice flour, to help get a denser, finer texture? Let me know how it turns out! :)

  2. says

    Um you are amazing and need to keep thinking all things baked and I need to make these this weekend. A brownie high in vitamin A? Love it! And I’m sorry but I have to ask, spelt is basically the only flour I don’t have any would prefer a GF sub, any suggestions? Oat flour perhaps?

    • Jenna says

      Hey Heather and Sonia I was just curious if you tried to make these GF as I am also gluten intolerant. If so, what type(s) of flour did you use and did you use the same measurement?

      Sonia, how did the frozen brownies turn out?

      Thanks for y’alls help!

      • Jenna says

        Oh I forgot to also ask, for the nut butter, below when you stated you can use any kind is that any kind of nut butter (ex. peanut, almond, etc) or any kind of butter in general? Thanks again! :)

        • says

          I haven’t tried a gluten free version, Jenna, but if I was going to, I would probably go with coconut flower. Not sure about measurement, though. Coconut flour is very absorbent, but there was room for adding more flour in these. I think I would start with the same quantity and work from there.

          The frozen brownies turned out GREAT! I think they were even better when thawed. The flavor and texture of these brownies just seem to improve with time. So definitely freezable.

          And last but not least, nut butter, I meant feel free to use any kind of entirely natural nut butter.

          Hope you give them a try, Jenna. And if you do, make sure you let me know how they turned out! 😀

  3. says

    It’s rare that I see a picture of a brownie that actually looks appetizing. Your pictures have me practically salivating! They are absolutely stunning and the brownies look incredible. The best part is the ingredient list. I’m so impressed that you created a traditional looking brownie using more nutritious ingredients. Might have to try this one soon!

  4. says

    This looks amazing! Do you think I could leave this uniced? Would it be alright on its own?
    I would have to get the nut butter & whey specially.. but all the other ingredients I have. I made my own date paste and everything!!

    • says

      Thank you Rosie! To be honest, I think the icing really adds a lot to the recipe, but you could probably leave it out if you wanted to. For the nut butter, you could use any kind you want, really. It’s not an exact science, so feel free to use whatever kind you have on hand.

  5. says

    I have to admit I am always skeptical about when people post recipes for healthy desserts, as often they replace sugar with chemical sweeteners or participate in other questionable cooking practices, but this recipe is amazing! I loved that you used real foods – avocado, date paste, etc. – to stand in for the refined ingredients that so often are what make our favorite treats delicious and ooey-gooey in that way that makes it impossible to go to bed without having just one more bite. I will have to try this!

    • says

      Thank you for your awesome intervention, Lauren! I’m right with you on the “so called” healthy recipes. Glad you think that mine is great. I LOVE LOVE LOVE creating with real food. Everything tastes so much better and is just that much more satisfying because you know that not only it tastes good, but it also does your body good! I hope you do try the brownies and let me know how they turned out if you do try them! :)

  6. Emily says

    Hi Sonia,
    I really want to bake these brownies today for a lunch date tomorrow but can’t get hold of any date paste.. Do you think honey would work in it’s place?

    • says

      Oof… not sure, Emily. They are two completely different things. I think that if you do want to use the honey, you might have to increase the amount of flour a bit, just to be safe. Maybe add an extra ¼ of a cup? Worth a try! :)

  7. says

    Hi Sonia! First time here, found you on Pinterest! I eat a paleo diet, so spelt is out. I think I will try tapioca or almond flour. I’m not really familiar with the density of spelt flour, what would you suggest? I need these this week! :) Your pics are gorgeous by the way even with your tungsten lighting! 😉

    • says

      Thank you Tiffany, that’s very kind of you to say! I’m not really familiar with the types of flours that are allowed under the paleo diet. I think all grains are out, if I remember correctly? Spelt flour is very similar to pastry wheat flour in density. I’m thinking maybe buckwheat, which is a big favorite “non grain” flour of mine, but the flavor would definitely get in the way this time. I think I would try almond flour, but I would sift it in a fine mesh sieve to make sure it’s really super fine. If you end up trying them, make sure you let me know what you did and how it turned out! :)

  8. jessica says

    these look so amazing, thanks for sharing your creativity! i have to avoid dairy for my nursing baby so with the icing do you have any suggestions for something to use instead of greek yogurt, as well as the whey protein powder?

    • says

      Hmmm… tough one, Jessica. Coconut cream, maybe? And I suppose you could use non dairy protein powder, although I’ve only ever worked with whey, so I don’t really know how the other varieties react. I don’t see why they would be all that different, though. If you do try them, please let me know what you did and how it turned out!

      Oh, and thanks for the kind words, by the way. I truly appreciate them! 😀

  9. Tammy says

    I made these for my auntie’s birthday yesterday and did a few substitutuions. First, I had no sweet potatoes so I use cooked carrot, I used maple syrup and cut down on it as it is sweeter than dates and also I switched up the icing and used pumpkinseed butter and used a little melted 99% dark chocolate as it was an extra special day. I am soo happy I have found your website as your recipes are some of the tastiest healthy ones out there!!

    • says

      Cooked carrot? Wow, I would’ve never thought of that… I like the idea! Love your other substitutions too! So happy to hear that this recipe worked great for you! Thank you for sharing and for leaving such awesome feedback, Tammy. I truly appreciate that! 😀

  10. says

    Omg this looks like an amazing recipe!!! Will definitely try it soon! Can’t wait to satisfy the sweet tooth craving and not have to worry about calories!

  11. Emily says

    Hi Sonia!
    Thanks for the reply yesterday although I didn’t see it until I’d already made them, oops! Even so they turned out absolutely amazingly!! I am over the moon with them and can’t wait for my friends to try them at our lunch date :-) The honey worked in place of the date paste although next time I bake them I’d like to try the date paste instead just because I love dates with chocolate. I also used sunflower nut butter in place of the hazelnut butter and that worked too. Thankyou for sharing this wonderful recipe you are a genius 😉

  12. says

    SONIA. I’m not the best blog commenter, in fact, I may be the worst, but I had to tell you that these look amazing. I’m just now getting into using dates. I love that you used spelt flour, too! I use that when I make my regular brownies. I can’t wait to try these!!

    • says

      That makes 2 of us, Natalie! I suck at commenting, too. I wish I was good at it, but unfortunately, I feel I’m not quite there… So I totally hear you and feel particularly honored that you decided to leave a comment on this post! :) I’m real happy that you like my brownies recipe and are even considering giving them a try. Please, make sure you come back and let me know how they turned out if you do end up trying them! I would really appreciate that! :)

  13. Adrienne says

    And that is what I’m talking about! Look at how dense and moist (I know some people don’t like that word but come on it’s perfect) they are! I, for one, cannot stand ‘cake-like’ brownies. Uhm, no.. if I want cake, I’ll have cake haha. But a brownie? It needs to be thick and ooey gooey.

    • says

      I am so right with you, Adrienne! You and I are definitely on the same page. I love me a gooey and sticky brownie, and yes, moist is a perfectly suitable expression to describe cake texture. 😉

      A cake is a cake and a brownie is a brownie. And that, is that! 😀

    • says

      Thanks Jill, but just for the record, these are NOT gluten free. They do contain spelt flour, which is a form of wheat and therefore, contains gluten. You may very easily make them gluten free by using a different kind of flour that does not contain gluten, such as oats, or even coconut I’m thinking might work really well!

      • says

        After I hit the send button, I got to scanning my gluten-free baking flours in my head and spelt was not on it. But…I had already hit send. Thank you for straightening that out. A pre-made gluten-free flour (like Bob’s) may work well too.

  14. says

    These are going on my to-try-Sonia list! Definitely. They sound so strange, though. Although you know almost everything sounds strange to me. :) Avocado and sweet potatoes to make chocolate brownies… genius! They look absolutely amazing. I’m shocked that they’re so dense! Perfect. Cakey brownies are not for me.

  15. says

    Planning on making these tomorrow. I’ve already got my sweet potato roasted and everything! Gonna have to skip the frosting though, as I want to make them acceptable for someone with a nut allergy. I have no doubt that they’ll be delicious, though, even without it. Can’t wait for whatever other incredible baked goods you’ll be posting soon either. That chocolate beet cake sounds mighty good!

    • says

      I can’t wait to get your feedback, Ruta. I really hope you like the brownies. The frosting however, I find brought a lot to the whole experience, but I guess they will be very decent still without it. As for me coming up with more baked goods, I seem to be thinking about nothing BUT that lately. That chocolate beet cake was awesome indeed. Wait ’til you see it… Bet you’ll want to try it too! :)

  16. Erin says

    I happen to have vanilla protein powder in my pantry that I would love to use up, but it is soy based, not whey. Has anyone tried that? I’m afraid of the taste coming through and ruining the batch.

    • says

      Do you like your protein powder, Erin? If you do, then it shouldn’t ruin your brownies. If you already don’t like it, then you definitely shouldn’t be using it… I’ve never tried soy protein, so I have no idea what it tastes like, but I am a big fan of soy milk and tofu (well, fan of their taste anyway) so I probably wouldn’t hesitate to use the soy protein powder.

  17. Erica Cosminsky says

    I’ve never used avocados much. Do you use it whole or remove the skin? I got started trying to make these and then stood there with the avocado in my hand with no idea what to do with it!

    • says

      You need to use the flesh only, Erica. To get to it, you must cut your avocado in half. You will need to guide your blade around this huge pit that’s in the middle, then twist both halves in opposite directions to split it open. Remove the pit and then scoop out the very soft and delicate flesh with a spoon. Oh, and try not to eat the whole thing while doing that! 😉

      Hope this helps!

      • Erica Cosminsky says

        Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I finished these up when I got your email and they are already gone! I used rice flour because I’m allergic to wheat and they turned out great. :)

      • Erica Cosminsky says

        I actually used about an ounce more rice flour because it didn’t look right when I got it all mixed up so I added it in at the end of mixing. An ounce is a little less than a 1/8th of a cup.

  18. says

    So, I’m throwing a birthday party for my daughters on the 1st, and I’m definitely making these! If I left out the protein powder, would I need additional sweetener? I can’t wait to try them out!

  19. says

    I made these today, with a few modifications (no nuts or date paste) and they were delicious. The texture was a bit different from a classic brownie – more like fudge, though that may have to do with the fact that I was impatient and underbaked them a bit. Oh well, they were yummy none the less. Not a trace of sweet potato or avocado taste! Cannot wait for whatever else you’ve got coming!

  20. Claudia says

    Made these this weekend and they turned out AH-MAZING! My boyfriend almost fell on the floor when he bit into one. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making a healthy version of brownies. You’re my hero. Seriously.

    • says

      Your hero? Seriously? Oh my! So happy to hear that the brownies worked for you AND for your boyfriend! It always feels extra special when boyfriends give their seal of approval! :) Thanks a million for your amazing feedback, you just made my morning! :)

  21. Jen says

    Hi! I made these brownies today! I have a slight problem; My brownies are a little bitter? Are they supposed to be like that? The icing is AMAZING, but for some reason the brownies are just… strange. Am I doing something wrong? The only thing I can really think of is that I’m using unsweetened cocoa powder, is this correct? Should I remake it with sweet cocoa powder?


    • says

      I don’t think that you have done anything wrong Jen, and by all means, don’t go using sweetened cocoa powder (does that even exist?) Maybe your palate is just not all that used to the taste of really intense dark chocolate? It does have a tendency to be a bit on the bitter side… maybe what you could do is double the amount of date paste next time? I don’t think that it would affect the outcome as far as texture is concerned, but it will give you a little bit more sweetness…

  22. Megan says

    Is there any substitution for the yogurt in the icing? Do you think coconut milk yogurt would work well? I can’t wait to try this recipe?

  23. Nancy says

    Thankyou soo much for this great recipe!
    I just tried them.
    Soooo AMAZING!
    not to mention healthy.
    You have inspired me to eat healthier thankyou :)

  24. appleSauce says

    I’ve been looking forward to making this ever since I came upon the recipe.
    Today I finally made it and wow…I did not like it…at all.
    I love the idea of using the avocado, the dates, and sweet potato. However, I
    was bummed out that flavor-wise it was not good. And yes, I can tell the difference between these and “regular” brownies.

    All in all it was interesting.

    • says

      Sorry to hear you didn’t like the brownies… might I suggest you let them age a few days and taste them again? It might help change your mind about them, as they do seem to get tastier after a few days, and I found them to be even better after a few weeks in the freezer. Worth a try, I find! 😉

    • chocolatelover says

      I agree, I just made these and they are horrific. I think we have to throw them away. I used one avocado and I can definitely taste it. The frosting is not so bad, but the brownie part is totally inedible. If this is what “healthy” brownies are like, I don’t want any part of them.

      • says

        Sorry to hear you feel that way. I’m really surprised that you can taste the avocado… As I suggested above, maybe you want to let them age a little and retry them. I find anything “chocolate” tends to get better with age… just like a good spaghetti sauce. It’s always better after sitting in the fridge for a couple of days!

  25. RE says

    What could I use instead of whey powder for the frosting? I’m not doing and protein powders while pregnant and breastfeeding … So I wonder how to get around that.

    Recipe looks really great and I love that there’s no refined or came sugar … Woo hoo. I cut sugar out of mine and families diet so we use natural sweeteners like dates/raw honey/coconut sugar.

    • says

      Not sure… I think I would simply leave it out and maybe add a tiny little bit of honey, or use a little bit more date paste… the texture will be a tad different but it will still be very good, I’m sure of that. :)

  26. Sharon says

    I’m so excited to try these (especially after the success of the delicious decadent chocolate cake!)But do I need to use fresh sweet potato puree? Or can I use a baby food jar of pureed sweets? I’d like to use fresh actually, but would use it to save some time and a step. Do you think it might be too thin and liquidy for this recipe?

    • says

      Not sure, Sharon… if I was given the option, I would definitely go with the fresh stuff… it’s not that complicated really, and you’ll get so much more out of it. Plus, you might be right. The baby puree might be too thin. That, and I doubt that it contains only potato puree. There must be loads of water added to it, and possibly even a few other additives… If you’d rather not go through the trouble of cooking the potato and puree it, I would suggest you use pure, unsweetened pumpkin puree instead. That should work out fine! :)

      At any rate, let me know how they turn out if you decide to give them a try! I really hope you like ’em! :)

  27. Sharon says

    I would really like to make these, but I have someone who’s allergic to nuts. What can I use as a substitute?

  28. karen says

    Oh my….I am so exited to make these. I have been trying and not succeeding at stopping the sweets “factory” in my house. I love to bake them and I love to eat them. My second pregnancy had me craving sweets….kind of annoying. I try to”healthify” all the sweets I make. Buy MY OH MY…these look fabulous. So I wonder if I can use coconut flour instead…I just have a bunch on hand and would rather use that than white flour. What do you think?

    • says

      Well, I’m thinking that coconut flour would probably work… in fact, I really wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t. And using the regular yogurt might come as an advantage if you’re using coconut flour, since it tends to be more absorbent than regular flour, the excess moisture may just be a good thing. I would totally go for it. :)

  29. Amanda says

    Made these this evening with some substitutions…rice flour, honey and peanut butter…they have been in the fridge for a couple of hours and are really gooey but I do really like the taste. I am going to freeze them for a whi,e and see how that goes. Thank you for the recipe!

    • says

      Oh Amanda, they’re even better frozen! I’m guessing the honey and peanut butter probably played a role in them being gooey, but I get it’s a good gooey! Wish I could taste your version. I might give your substitutions a try. LOVE the addition of peanut butter! Hope they turn out great. Let me know! :)

  30. Allison says

    I made these tonight, and they are so delicious!! The texture, the flavor.. So good!! And a wonderful lineup of ingredients!! Will definitely make again. Thanks!

  31. Galina says

    I found this recipe just in time to make this our V-Day treat:) Just wondering though, what can be the avo substituted with? any ideas?

  32. Kari says


    I am making these tomorrow and was curious about the size of your protein powder scoop. I have some that are much bigger than others. Can you give me a cup amount? i.e. 1/4 cup 1/3 cup. These are the best pictures I have seen beautiful icing. Most of my healthy chocolate recipes look dull.

    Thanks so much.

    • says

      All the protein powders that I used are around 30-35 grams. I don’t know how much that is in cups… probably just a little bit under 1/4 cup. Thank you very much for your kind comment, I am flattered! Hope you like the brownies! :)

      • Kari says

        OMG I did like them. Thank goodness I froze half right away or they would all be gone. I made them last night and woke up at 4:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep because I wanted a brownie. Thought I would save some for tomorrow but got up and ate the rest (except for what I froze) for breakfast.


        • says

          OMG, how did I ever miss this comment? You’re so funny Kari! Glad to hear you liked them that much… just a word of warning though… I think they’re even better slightly thawed. Oops… sorry! Had to say it! 😉

  33. Jessica says

    Hi, I NEVER comment on blogs but I just had to this time. I made a few substitutions (I will list in case it helps someone else) and we loved them! I used pear puree instead of applesauce and banana instead of date paste since we are on the Feingold diet and apples and dates are out. I also used sunflower seed butter due to nut allergies and used powdered vanilla (1t) instead of protein powder. I used coconut yogurt instead of Greek yogurt to make it dairy free. I assume my frosting was thinner than yours but it was tasty. I thought they were amazing, though I suppose if you’re used to processed box brownies they might be “interesting” I much prefer real food! Thank you so much for such a great recipe.

    • says

      Thank you Jessica for taking the time to leave this great feedback! I truly appreciate that and also love the substitutions that you made. I wonder if perhaps adding a little bit of coconut flour to the icing would help in making it thicker in the absence of protein powder… This is worth investigating!

      Real happy to hear that you liked the brownies. 😀

  34. phil says

    This looks very delicious! I have every ingridients except from the Whey protein powder so I was wondering if it would affect the taste or the texture a lot? Also I thought powdered vanilla could do the job regarding the taste of the icing? And maybe dry milk for the texture?

    I would be pleased to heard your opinion!
    I’m sorry if I did any langage mistake, my mothertongue is French :)

    • says

      Quelle chance, Phil, il appert que le français est ma langue maternelle aussi! :)

      Je ne peux pas témoigner personnellement pour ce qui est d’éliminer complètement la protéine en poudre, mais si tu lis les commentaires, celui juste en haut en parle justement. J’ai suggéré peut-être l’utilisation de farine de noix de coco, du moins c’est ce que j’essaierais personnellement. Du lait en poudre? Je n’ai vraiment idée à savoir comment se comporte cet ingrédient lorsqu’il se dissout, alors c’est difficile pour moi de dire si oui ou non ça pourrait fonctionner. Par contre, il semblerait que le glaçage fonctionne sans même l’addition de quoi que ce soit, il devient simplement un peu plus liquide. Et la vanille en poudre est une merveilleuse addition, quoique totalement optionnelle.

      Si tu vas de l’avant avec la recette, assure-toi de me laisser connaitre tes résultats! Ça me fait toujours bien plaisir d’avoir du feedback… :)

      • phil says

        J’ai finalement fait la recette il y a quelques jours! C’était vraiment délicieux ;D Pour le glaçage j’ai simplement mis plus de beurre de noisette, le mélange du glaçage au noisette avec le chocolat du gâteau était parfait!

        Je tenais à vous dire que votre blog est vraiment bien organisé, vivant et plaisant.
        Mes sincères félicitations et
        merci beaucoup :)

        • says

          Wow, merci! Merci beaucoup Phil, j’apprécie vraiment énormément! :)

          Bien contente de savoir que tu as bien aimé la recette de brownies. Plus de beurre de noisettes, ça peut jamais être mauvais! SURTOUT avec du chocolat en plus. Je suis tout à fait en accord avec cette substitution! :)

          Merci beaucoup d’avoir pris la peine de me transmettre ton appréciation pour cette recette. Ça fait toujours tellement plaisir à entendre.

  35. says

    i was so excited to try to recipe, but neglected a few things in all my flurry to make this:

    1- had no hazelnut butter or coconut oil so i made a concoction of peanut butter, nutella, and almond meal as a substitute
    2 – ran out of cocoa powder for the topping, and added a bit more nutella as a chocolate sub
    3 – after baking i was looking at my counter and realized that i had forgotten to include the avocado in the recipe (!)

    the resulting brownie tasted all right but lacked texture :-\
    i’ll definitely give this another go in a few weeks!

    • says

      Oh no! I hate when that happens! You’re in the middle of making a recipe, or just about to get started, and you realize you’re missing some of the key ingredients. I had that happen to me not too long ago when making Meyer Lemon Squares. The recipe came *this* close to never get completed! But thankfully, the squares did turn out after all.

      Glad your brownies sort of did, too! Hopefully, next time they’ll be even better. But *ahem* if I may… you might want to leave the nutella out, this time!? 😉

      Let me know how round two works out! :)

  36. says

    Hi! I loved the recipe, I just wanted to know how many calories are in 1 square or how much gr are the 12 squares, thank you!

  37. priscilla says

    I made these yesterday, with a few changes, I used figs to make the paste and I added a walnut-pretzel crust just so we could have some crunchiness! I use a little bit of sucanat for the topping and I use buckwheat flour instead! thanks so much!

  38. Ashley Del Vasto says

    I just made these! They were very delicious. I think I should of baked them for a bit longer, but the chocolate makes up for everything. Also I didn’t have walnuts or hazel nut butter. So I used almonds and peanut butter. Nom everything was tasty. Thank you for keeping it healthy and sticking it to real foods! :)

  39. Erin says

    Hey, I am going to make these for my family :) what measurement is 3 scoops of whey powder? Is each scoop a teaspoon or tablespoon? Thanks

  40. says

    Just made this on Sunday, and it came out looking a lot different, but deeeelicious all the same! I actually found it to be even tastier a few days after I made it, and it kept together a bit better then too!

    I added the link to your blog at the bottom of the post of course :)

    Thanks for this amazing recipe, will definitely make it again! 😀


  41. Erin says

    These brownies were a hit with my family! Even my 4 year old loved them and she is the pickiest eater. She kept saying over and over…”mmmmmm,mmmm – this is my favorite cake ever mommy! Can you make this for my birthday?”

  42. Nittie says

    I made these brownies yesterday and they are AMAZING! I am forcing myself not to eat the whole batch! I followed the recipe religiously and I couldn’t be happier with the result, thy taste even better than they look! I am reccomending it to everyone looking for an healthy delicious chocolate recipe! I honestly cannot believe people left negative comments on this…
    Thank you for the amazing brownies and keep up the amazing work!

  43. Ann says

    Just dropping by because I tried this recipe this weekend (without the protein powder, using pb instead of hazelnut butter) and I noticed a HUGE difference in taste when they were at room temperature vs. refrigerated vs. frozen. Without refrigeration, it was like eating avocado (which is not a good thing – could explain the criticisms in the comments), but once they cool they’re much more ‘normal.’ Mine came out super wet, so I may have made a mistake somewhere, but I wanted to offer feedback anyway. Love reading your creative recipes – keep it up!

    • says

      Thanks for that, Ann! To be honest, I haven’t even tasted mine before they were fully chilled, so I wouldn’t know what they tasted like when they were still warm, but you’re right, it might explain some of the negative comments. I also find that they tasted a lot better after they had been in the fridge for a couple of days, and the ones that had been in the freezer were indeed the best of all!

  44. says

    These really do look amazing and I see that someone else tried them and said they are amazing but after having to go to 3 different stores to get all the ingredients, they turned out HORRIBLE! I mean not edible! :( I’m so bummed because I was so excited! I don’t know what I could have done wrong? I used chocolate almond butter instead of regular because that’s all I could find but considering they are brownies that shouldn’t have mattered. Other then that and using a magic bullet instead of a food processor I followed the recipe exactly. I even went back over and checked afterwards. I made my own date paste because I could not find any, just purée dates and a little bit of water. I’m so confused! I can’t figure out what went wrong?! :(

  45. Sarah says

    These took me pretty much a whole afternoon to make, and even though they look and smell awesome, they don’t have any taste! :( They’re kind of like Baker’s chocolate squares, they always smell so good but they taste bitter when you actually eat them…

    I’ve been using chocolate pudding to “frost” them before I eat them so that I didn’t have to throw them out. :(

    • says

      Sorry to hear these weren’t to your liking, Sarah. Out of curiosity, what kind of cacao powder did you use? Did you let them cool completely before you tasted them? Also, like I mentioned in my post, they do get better with every passing day, so maybe let them age a little bit?

      • Sarah says

        Hi Sonia,

        I used regular cocoa powder… Fry’s I think? And I let them cool before I tasted them; also kept them in the fridge for about a week as well and tried them after a few days but they still didn’t have as much taste as I would have liked. The chocolate pudding frosting I used made them edible, and I do love that they were dense and moist.

  46. Corinne says

    I was so excited to try these and was really disappointed. I agree with another reviewer who said they were strange. I make all sorts of sugar free desserts and love dates as a sweetener, but for me these missed the mark altogether. Definitely inedible, and not because we didn’t let them sit. I’ve made bean cakes that need to sit but they still taste good right after baking. These did not. So sorry. I’m definitely going to try out some of your other recipes. Your site is really nice!

  47. Theresa says

    Just made these. Absolutely delicious. Not very sweet but the kids still loved them. Great that they are off the charts healthy. No guilt while watching the kids gobble them up!

    • says

      AWESOME! So happy to hear and thank you so much for letting me know, Theresa. Your feedback really means a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to do this. So happy to hear you and your little ones liked the brownies! :)

  48. Zoe says


    Just made these today with very high hopes. They are good but not amazing. I’m wondering if there’s a way to cut back on the eggs. I think what is throwing me is the overtly egg-y flavor. I know coconut flour requires eggs to bind. Can I use a different flour and only 1-2 eggs? I really really want these to work for my family, but the egg taste is too much.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Zoe says

      Ok, scratch my original comment. After they’ve been chilled, they taste so much better. The egginess flavor is gone when they are cold. Yaaay!

      • says

        YAY! Good to hear, Zoe and real glad you liked the brownies after all. To be honest, I never tasted them warm, so I have no idea what they taste like… call me strange, but I don’t care much for warm brownies. I’m a bit confused, though. According to your comments, I am guessing that you made the Paleo version of this recipe and not this actual one. Or did you do a combination of the two?

  49. Zoe says

    Also – wanted to comment that my unsweetened applesauce had gone moldy (boooo), so I improvised with nonfat Greek yogurt and a touch of honey. no longer Paleo, but it was still a successful swap. :-)

  50. "D" Fletcher says

    the recipe sounds great but I need a substitute for the applesauce as I an allergic to apples. Any suggestions?

  51. Kay says

    OMG this is THE recipe! I have been looking for a healthy but tasty brownies recipe for ages! I’ve tried some recipes during the last weeks (with black beans or pumpkin), they were good but… not perfect! I strongly trust you recipe to be the perfect one.
    I’m planning to make some substitution (pumpkin instead of sweet potatoes, because here in Italy sweet potatoes are difficult to be found) and I was wandering if chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla will work too… What do you think?
    You said the brownies are even better if frozen, but do you froze them with or without the glaze?
    Could I prepare the glaze beforehand, and keep it in the fridge for a couple of days before using it?
    How long do the brownies last (uhm last or keep)? If I make two days before serving will they be ok? Do I have to keep them in or out the fridge?
    Sorry for possibile spelling or grammar mistakes
    I apologize for all these questions, thank you in advance for your reply

    • says

      Wow, that’s a bunch of questions! Let me get to them one by one…

      First, I think that using pumpkin instead of sweet potato will be fine, although I would probably add an extra tablespoon or two of flour, to compensate for the extra moisture.

      Chocolate protein powder will not be a problem. I never use it myself only because I don’t like the taste of commercial chocolate powders.

      The brownies are even better after they have been sitting in the fridge for a few days (or frozen and thawed) but freezing them is not mandatory. So of course, you can make them a few days beforehand. I would even recommend it. And if you choose to freeze them, you can freeze them with the glaze on.

      The brownies will keep for about a week, in the fridge, in an airtight container.

      Last but not least, have you considered giving these ones a try instead? I think they are much better! 😀

      • Kay says

        Thank you so much for your answer! You’re so kind!

        WOW the other recipe is even more perfect than this one, if possibile! (the glaze is diary free! yeah!) How could I have missed it???

        Do the storage time/details of the other brownies are the same of these one?

        Does the glaze taste very much of coconut? Could I use other flour instead of coconut’s in the brownies mixture? (One of my guest doesn’t like coconut!)

        I think i’m falling in love with your site! I’m so grateful that you shared your recipe with the world! I’m going to enthusiastically quote you in my website when I will post the brownies with my substitution!


        • says

          HAHAHA! Thanks Kay, that’s very kind of you to say!

          You can go ahead and use the coconut flour with full confidence, the brownies have ZERO coconut taste. Only deep, rich, intense chocolate flavor. And storage/freezer details are the exact same, yes. And these too, are just as good after they have been frozen and thawed, if not better than fresh.

          Hope you and your guests like ’em! :)

  52. Blaire says


    I made these brownies and after a few days in the fridge they were AMAZING…even better heated in the microwave! However, even though absolutely delicious they were more like a chocolate cake. Is there anything I can do to make them more chewy and dense? I did use whole-wheat pastry flour to replace spelt.

    • says

      Glad to hear you liked ’em, Blaire and thanks a bunch for taking the time to let me know! As for making them more chewy and dense, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help… I remember them being nice and chewy with the spelt flour, so maybe the switch in flour alone was enough to make them more cake-y?

  53. Emily says

    As someone who is used to traditional baked goods, I can honestly say these were pretty good. They don’t have the taste and texture of a traditional brownie but I didn’t expect them to. The batter was not sweet enough for my taste so I would estimate that I ended up tripling the date paste. They are definitely best the next day and well chilled. If you don’t like them at first (I was undecided initially), pop them in the fridge or freezer and try them again the next day. I would not recommend omitting the frosting.

    While my 7 year old didn’t like these, my 5 year old did and so did my husband.

    • says

      Thanks a million for this extensive review, Emily! This is pure gold to me. Good to know that one can add so much date paste and have the recipe still come together. Very happy that the brownies were well liked in the end. :)

  54. shlomit says

    These looked so delicious I just had to try making them. Unfortunately they came out quite terrible. The batch was not in the least bit sweet and the taste did not resemble anything close to brownies. I was severely disappointed. :(

  55. Torry says

    For the frosting, is it possible to leave out the vanilla protein powder or substitute it with something else?

  56. Jade says

    I made these with bananas instead of sweet potato and they were amazing! Thanks so much for your recipes, they are healthy and taste amazing.

  57. Sarah says

    I would really love to make these! My husband is begging me to make these ASAP. However, I am deathly allergic to avocado. What would be a proper substitute?

  58. Tammy says

    Made these yesterday and completely fooled my family. I did not used the protein poudwer and it was fine. Merci pour la re cette.

  59. monica says

    Hi, I’m really excited to make these! They look amazing. I’m curious about what size the avocado is. I have smallish ones right now, and even similar sizes can vary greatly in pit size which would make a difference volume wise. Do you know approximate volume of the avocado? Want to make sure I get it right :)

  60. nicole says

    What should the batter look like? I am wondering if it should be sticky, dry, or pourable? Thank you for your time.

  61. Daniella says

    So I just made these and as well they are really bitter and really bland even after adding in 1/4 cup of maple syrup … I see it’s either love or hate … and while i think it’s a good recipe it doesn’t have that decadent sweet tooth fix …
    they are not at all sweet or rich …
    but ive noticed this about other recipes as well
    to the people that complained and need something rich and sweet I’d suggest sticking with raw vegan brownies over cooked paleo brownies the recipe itself isn’t bad it’s just not suited for all taste buds … however I learned about date paste from here and best thing ever !

  62. says

    These look amazing! I have been looking for a sweet potato brownie recipe ever since i tried one out east. Believe it or not we have a date allergy in our house. What can i substitute for the Date paste without compromising the recipe?

    • says

      I don’t know, Morag… honestly, I never tested, but if I were to substitute anything, I would use raw honey. I think that would be your best bet. Let me know how it turns out if you end up trying it!

  63. jess says

    I was wondering whether anyone has tried leaving the whey protein out of this? Or substituted it? Was it still nice? Looks so yummy! Just don’t want my 20mo to have the whey protein / protein powder and only make desserts she can have. Looks so tasty! :)

  64. says

    Thanks Sonia!! See are awesome!! I did have to make them grain and egg free, but they turned out absolutely perfect!! I look forward to trying more of your recipes:)



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