Let me start by saying that I am not USUALLY a fan of e-books. Call me old fashioned, but to me, there’s nothing quite like sitting myself down with a beautiful book in hand, caressing the pages with my fingers and savoring the images with my eyes.


This latest marvel of an ebook by the Paleo Parents, who by the way happen to be like the most amazing Paleo people in the world, would be one true exception to that rule.

Indeed, this book is LOADED with tons of useful information, among which you will find myriad clickable links that will take you directly to web pages where you can find more guidance, tips and tricks, learn about products or specific ingredients and even buy some of these products from the comfort of your own home.

This much just wouldn’t be possible with a printed copy… So in this particular case, I must admit that the electronic format totally takes it!


Another thing worth mentioning is that I am not usually all that big on reviewing books. For me to write an article specifically about a book, it means I have to truly stand behind it. I would never recommend a product that I wouldn’t buy for myself.

But this book? I would totally buy!

Seriously, if you’ve ever considered giving the paleo lifestyle a shot but are feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start, THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY MEANT FOR YOU. Even if you’re not quite ready to go “full paleo” but still feel the desire to eliminate some of the less desirable foods from your family’s diets, you will no doubt find this book extremely beneficial.

Unlike too many ebooks out there, great care has obviously been taken to make this book EXTREMELY PLEASING TO LOOK AT, incorporating many pictures not only of food but also of family fun. It was written in a very EASY TO READ FORMAT and is chock full of super useful resources to get you started.

It has a VERY EASY TO FOLLOW 3 PHASED APPROACH on how to transition your family smoothly and pain free into the lifestyle while preserving your sanity.

Phase 1 – SWAP


PHASE 1 | 3 Phase Paleo by Paleo Parents

Phase 2 – REMOVE

  • Includes practical information and useful links on HOW TO STOCK A PALEO PANTRY in order to “go full paleo”


Phase 3 – HEAL

  • Has you incorporate nutrient-dense foods with coded PHASE 3 RECIPES and provides a FAMILY FUN GUIDE


But wait, there’s more!

The book also INCLUDES OVER 75 DELICIOUS, SIMPLE AND EASY RECIPES to get you started on the right foot – all categorized by phase!

You’ll also find resource guides to Stacy and Matthew’s RECOMMENDED EXPERTSCOMMUNITYPRODUCTS THEY LOVE and TOOLS THEY USE

And to make finding recipes extra easy, the RECIPE INDEX SORTED BY PHASE and the book also includes EGG-FREE and NUT-FREE RECIPE INDEXES


Here’s what you can expect to find in 3 Phase Paleo

  • Handy Printable Grocery List
  • Food Swap List
  • Practical Guide to Stocking a Paleo Pantry
  • Eating Out – Tips and Helpful Advice
  • Introducing Healing Foods
  • Recommended Blog Posts
  • Many, many links to even more valuable resources
  • Over 75 Delicious and Easy Recipes

FAMILY FUN | 3 Phase Paleo by Paleo Parents

And best of all, STACY AND MATTHEW ARE MAKING IT SOUND LIKE SO MUCH FUN, it’ll no doubt help you convince the rest of the family members to get on board with you!

Ah, and seriously guys, even if you’re already on the paleo bandwagon, this book is still worth getting, if only for the recipes. Did I mention there are OVER 75 QUICK AND EASY RECIPES in this book? They all look equally delicious and I think I want to try them all!

But here’s a sneak peek at two of my personal favorites…

Healthiest Ice Cream Ever | 3 Phase Paleo by Paleo Parents

Can you ever go wrong with Ice Cream? Man, that recipe alone makes purchasing the book worth the investment!

I’m not telling you what’s in it. You’ll have to find that out for yourselves!

Eggs Stacy | 3 Phase Paleo by Paleo Parents

To be honest, though. This is the first one I’m gonna try. I mean, wow. Does this look yummy or what?

And talk about an original name. I love everything about it.

So hey, what are you waiting for. GET THIS BOOK!!! GET IT NOW!!! I totally swear to you, you will not regret it.