Totally Loaded Egg White Omelette – My Ultimate Quick Meal

This, right here, has got to be the one thing that I ate the most often in the past year.

Yet, for some reason, I must have had it at least a gazillion times before it finally occurred to me that MAYBE, I could take pictures and share it with you guys?

I mean, really. We’re all looking for quick-and-easy-yet-super-nutritious-meals to make on those nights when we’re either not inspired or a bit short on time, aren’t we?

Well, to me, egg white omelettes are the ultimate go-to solution when that happens.

For starters, I am a big fan of egg white omelettes, even the plain variety. For real! I like them even better than the whole eggs version. There’s something about their texture that I simply can’t get enough of.

I also happen to think that they taste a lot better, too.

Maybe I’m just not a fan of egg yolks, except when they’re all nice and runny… I find cooked egg yolks to be a tad hard on my stomach, sometimes, too. So might as well not risk it and plain leave them out…

Egg whites are also a great way to get a hefty dose of protein into you, without also racking up on the calories. You’re looking at about 3½g of protein and only 15 calories per egg white! Not too shabby, if you ask me.

Omelettes are just so unbelievably convenient, so quick and easy to make, and you can garnish them with whatever ingredients you have on hand… or even turn them into a fancy sandwich

I happen to like this combination a lot, but that’s probably because this is the one absolute sure shot combo for me. Those are ALL ingredients that I ALWAYS have at home. In fact, that’s probably why I came up with this recipe in the first place.

But of course, you can feel free to improvise and stuff your omelette with whatever ingredients tickle your fancy…

So long as you keep it healthy! 😉

Spinach, Walnut and Sun Dried Tomato Egg White Omelette

Yield: Serves 1

Spinach, Walnut and Sun Dried Tomato Egg White Omelette


  • ¾ cup pasteurized egg whites (that’s 6 egg whites)
  • ½ tsp salted herbs (or pinch salt and pepper)
  • About 2 cups baby spinach leaves, coarsely chopped
  • About 40g sun dried tomatoes, chopped
  • About 20g walnuts, chopped
  • 3-4 tbsp low fat cottage cheese
  • Pinch salt and pepper


  1. Coat a medium (10”) non-stick pan with cooking spray and heat over medium heat
  2. Add the egg whites and salted herbs (or salt and pepper) into a small mixing bowl and give this a quick whisk with a fork (or mini whisk, if you have one) until slightly frothy
  3. Poor that mixture onto the preheated pan and swirl it around a little bit to spread your omelette evenly over the entire surface of the pan. Cover loosely (a pizza pan works wonders for this) and cook for about 5 minutes, until almost completely set and opaque.
  4. Meanwhile, place the spinach in the microwave and cook on high heat for about 30 to 45 seconds, until they just start to wilt.
  5. Spread the wilted spinach in a strip down the middle of your omelette. Top with cottage cheese, walnuts and sundried tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fold one edge of the omelette over this filling.
  6. Delicately slide omelette onto serving plate, folded side first, then fold remaining edge over filling and slightly press it down.
  7. Serve with a few fresh vegetables of your choice.


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  1. says

    I also find that some of the things I whip up most often are the ones not on my blog. They just seem to “easy”. But I’m glad you shared this – it’s gorgeous! Eggs are one of our go-to quick meals too.

    • says

      Thanks! Glad you like, Cara! It’s true that we tend to post things that are a little more on the complicated, or researched side, things that we find are worthy of showing to the world, but we tend to forget that people are also looking for “quick and easy” stuff to make. Hope to see some of of your go-to quick meals on your blog sometime soon! :)

  2. says

    I LOVEEEEEE eggs! Sun-dried tomatoes add so much flavor to eggs, I made a scramble the other day that was almost the same ingredients except for goat cheese for the cottage cheese and I eat the yolk :) I am a sucker it! What a healthy meal you got going on miss Sonia :) nice job!

    • says

      Totally hear you on the yolk for scramble! As much as I like egg whites omelettes, I can’t stand egg whites for scramble. I find they get watery and break up, and they have sort of a rubbery texture… I like my scrambled eggs real creamy, so I always add milk to them also. Maybe if I tried adding something to whites to make them creamier. Or maybe I should just stick with keeping the yolk for scramble! 😉

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