If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably already know that it’s been a really rough week-end for me. The entire province of Québec was hit by a major storm with crazy strong winds and rain so intense, I’d never seen anything quite like it.

You might not be able to tell from the picture below, but take a close look at the flowers and tree in the background. They are taking a serious beating!

Sally in the Storm

Seriously, the winds were so strong, my precious outdoor grill came this close to getting blown away! Thank goodness, my daughter caught a glimpse of what was happening and heroically flew to its rescue, at the peril of her own life! Alright, I’m exaggerating a bit, but still; as she was standing out there, trying the grab the grill to bring in inside, in the safety of the house, I could see that she was really struggling as the wind and rain were pushing her real hard. She thought for sure that she too, would end up being blown away and land somewhere in the middle of the backyard. Or perhaps even on the rooftop!

But at last, the BBQ was saved and Tasha was able to come back in a hero!

I might be trying to lighten up the situation a little bit here, but really, I’m not sure I should.  For the situation really isn’t funny. All in all, I was really lucky, as I didn’t suffer any material losses, no trees fell on my house or car and no members of my family got injured. All were not so lucky, trust me. That crazy storm even took a life and injured several.

Sad. Very sad.

Fallen Tree

At the time of writing these lines, there are still 134 000 of us without power. In the picture above, which you might not be able to see too clearly, there is this huge tree that fell right on the electrical lines a few blocks away from my house. So long as this doesn’t get removed, the power won’t come back on. 820 people are eagerly waiting for this to happen.

For in our neighborhood, no electricity also means no running water for most. I mean, to go without power is one thing. But no water?  Now THAT will make your life miserable. Can’t flush the toilet, can’t wash your hands… can’t even shower. Needless to say there hasn’t been any workouts for me this weekend!!!

Still, electricity is something we tend to take for granted. To be without it for so long is simply mind numbing. I fell as though life has been put on hold or something.

It almost feels as though I am living under emergency conditions. Thank goodness, at least I happen to have a gas range as well as an outdoor grill (which I came this close to losing for good!) to do my cooking. So up until now, food hasn’t been all that bad for me.

Leftover Steak

I wasn’t even forced to put a dent in my Whole30®.

My biggest concern though is all the meat that I have in the freezer… I really hope that it won’t have to go to waste. I would really hate for the poor animals to have died in vain.

It’s already been 36 hours now… I don’t think that it can hold much longer without the power.

Stuffed Tomatoes

Would you believe that I somehow managed to work on a recipe for the blog?  No fancy lighting for this one, though… I had to rely on candle lights!

Still, it turned out pretty amazing and will have quite the story behind it, too! I think that this one will end up being the most memorable meal I will have ever made. Keep an eye out for it!

At my local Tim Hortons

So anyway, at the time of writing these lines, I am still without power, as I’m sitting at my local Tim Hortons to take advantage of their free wi-fi AND electricity, enjoying a nice cup of warm coffee, black of course!

I really pray that, by the time you get to read these same lines, the power will have returned and my meat will get back to being all nice and frozen solid.

Cross your fingers for me… oh, and please, forgive me for not sharing a recipe with you tonight.

For the first time ever, I didn’t really feel like doing that.

And to be honest, well, I didn’t have one that was “quite” ready to go, and without power, I don’t have access to my other computer, which I need for photo editing and stuff…

Real sorry about that.

Still, I hope you enjoyed reading this little slice of my life. It sure did me a lot of good to talk about it!

*UPDATE: I guess my prayers made it all the way to the sky or you guys must’ve crossed your fingers real hard, because by the time I got back home after posting this and running a few errands, the power had returned! WOW! WHAT A RELIEF! That means my precious meat is safe. I went and checked on it and it hadn’t even begun to thaw. Even the coconut ice cream that I have in there was still in its lovely ice cream form! All is well that ends well! 🙂