Like I said, I’ve spent most of my week-end cooking. I needed to keep busy, body and soul!

After I was done with my Black Forest Pancakes on Saturday morning, I quickly moved on to making what I had planned for the night’s menu: Veggie Burgers and sides, made totally from scratch from 4 different recipes that were on my “Must Try List” .

Talk about being productive! 4 recipes in 1 menu! Hey, I was cooking for 5 that day, so it was well worth it. I wouldn’t have went through all the trouble if I’d been cooking only for myself, you know! 😉

First, I had to get the buns started. The first step wasn’t too demanding… mix flour, water and yeast, cover and let stand for 1 to 3 hours. Great! That left me with ample time to upload, sort and edit the morning’s pictures… 😉

Before I knew it, it was time to check on the buns to be add flour etc, knead dough, cover and let stand again, for another hour and a half to two hours.

Just then, my mom and daughter arrived and mom, as usual, has her hands full of goodies, namely a lovely rosé and… peaches!!!

– Beautiful! I was gonna make some sort of a “healthy as can be plum cobbler”, I’ll make it a Peaches and Plum Cobbler, it’ll be even better!

So I got busy working on that cobbler and it was already time to form the buns and let them rise again…

Alright, let’s see… cobbler in oven, buns rising. All in control. While that was happening, I figured it was a good time to get the slaw going.  After all, it did need to rest for at least a half hour.

Just as I finish up the slaw, the oven beeps… What already? Time flies when you’re having fun! Cobbler comes out of the oven, buns go in!

OK, where was I? Right, patties! Seeing how Angela raved about these burgers, I just couldn’t wait to try them!

By now, I’m starting to get nervous… it’s getting late, the light is slowly fading. I’m starting to panic. What if I did all this and don’t even manage to take a single picture? I don’t want to end up having to shoot in the dark… please no!

Are days really starting to get that short already? Where did the summer go?

My mom was a darling and she shouted out the ingredients for me, which made it much easier for me to put the patty batter together. That was a little more extensive than I had anticipated, but very well worth it in the end. The patties were YUMMY! I guess I should’ve studied the recipe a little bit better beforehand, that might have helped a lot.

Good, so patties done and ready to hit the pan, buns out of the oven and cooling, slaw ready to go… wait! SHOOT! I forgot the crispy sweet potato fries!

Quick, get the potatoes out of the fridge and slice them up… thank goodness my ex was there to help with that one!

– Tasha please, get the recipe and tell me what I’m supposed to do.

– Euh, mom, you have to soak your potatoes in cold water for a half hour after they’re sliced…


Sadly, I had to skip that part… and sadly, I had way too many potatoes to cook them according to Nora’s instructions… So I guess I will have to leave that recipe on my list and give them a go at a later time.

Unfortunately, my sweet potato fries were a fail, sort of… Everyone at the table seemed to enjoy them very much but I found them to be a little bit on the soggy side. Far from the crispy fries I was shooting for!

Yet another recipe that I should’ve studied a little more extensively before I got started. 😉

Anyway, what truly counts is that, in the end, we all got to enjoy a very good meal, and I got to capture it on film memory card, so all is well that ends well…

And what a great therapy this has been, too!

After all that, it looks like I have no actual recipe for you today, can you believe it? I haven’t adapted any of the recipes I used, so you can get them straight from the original sites.  Here’s a recap:

Oh right… I did mention a Peaches and Plums Cobbler, didn’t I? Don’ t worry, I will give you a recipe for that one… I wouldn’t dare tease and let you down like that.

Only, I’ve done enough talking for one day (I think I’ve done enough talking for one week! 😉 ) so this will have to wait a bit… sorry!

I promise not to make you wait too long! Here’s a picture, in the meantime… 😉


My burger, patiently waiting for me…

Closer look

Just look at that bun! Gorgeous! And so tasty too… Definitely worth the extra effort! 

The slaw was delicious

And it went pretty fast, too!

Did I mention I had made this lovely healthy cobbler? 😉